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Pisces Horoscope

2017 is a year of pure magic! Take the time to distinguish between what's real and what's illusion and you'll safely navigate any and all situations.

With the Mars-Neptune conjunction in Pisces that opens 2017, you can use charm rather than be charmed, hold true to the loftiest of ideals, and dispel any deceit or deception.

The January Sun-Pluto conjunction in Capricorn brings intensity to all your efforts for success. It intensifies your feelings and passions, too.

A February Solar Eclipse in Pisces opens another door. Your modern planet Neptune is conjoined with the eclipsed Sun. If the outside world is in disarray, you'll see through the fog and be a beacon for others to realize what is best.

Your traditional planet Jupiter spends most of the year in Libra and is incredibly powerful. It starts in opposition to Uranus in Aries. This puts a lid on too many or too wild desires.

When the Sun enters Pisces in February, Jupiter will still be opposed to Uranus, but now Mars in Aries is involved. Rash actions or impulses will be recognized in time. Pour extra creative energy into more constructive channels.

When the Sun enters Pisces, it will be together with the Lunar South Node. Memories, feelings, and emotional ties are strong this year. Catch yourself if you fall back into any old bad habits and benefit from what the past has taught you.

Pisces Couple's Horoscope

It's a sweet year for couples with Jupiter in partner-oriented Libra. Enjoy good times out and also intimately at home. Don't try to outdo one another with kindness and generosity, though. You know what's satisfying and enough. Bonus treats or gifts may be hard to resist from time to time.

Venus is retrograde in March and early April. It starts with the planet in fiery Aries but ends in Pisces. However upset or neglected either of you feel in March, by April your hearts will be back on track, closer than before.

When Jupiter enters Scorpio in October, relationships get more serious. Your domestic life may address more serious issues, and you may not be totally comfortable talking and dealing with it all. Still, any hesitance and secrecy aside, relationships will benefit from this.

When the Sun enters Pisces, the Moon will be in the late degrees of Scorpio. You know how important integrity and devotion are when it comes to love.

Pisces Single's Horoscope

With your planet Jupiter in Libra, romance is big-hearted and adventurous. Your social life may take you to new places with new people. It could drain your energy reserves and budget, too.

Venus is retrograde in March and April, and you may appreciate a slow-down in the dating scene. Spend more time with someone willing to listen to you more. By April, you both may be more tender-hearted than ever. Give yourself time for feelings to gel. If hoping to tie the knot, consider waiting until the Venus retrograde has ended (April 15).

Jupiter moves into Scorpio on October 10. If you're looking for someone more serious and dedicated, if not an actual soul mate, that could happen in the last three months.

December is cooler and less raucous with Saturn and the Sun in Capricorn. Holidays should be sensible and loved ones should appreciate more quiet time together just loving, respecting one another, and cherishing traditional values and activities.

Pisces Money & Career Horoscope

Money, work, and career are in sharp focus in 2017. The Sun-Pluto conjunction in Capricorn lights a fire under everyone as career plans and better money management grow more important.

A Jupiter retrograde from February until early June may curtail impulse spending or excessive travel. A Saturn retrograde from April until late August may encourage a slightly looser handle on financial affairs. If major purchases or bigger expenses become necessary in the summer, take your time about it.

During the fall season, with Jupiter in Scorpio, business partnerships may become more solid and realistic.

December, with Saturn and the Sun in Capricorn, favors a wise, sensible holiday season with manageable expenses and a sane work schedule. Start the New Year securely in the black.

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