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Libra Horoscope

For the first ten months of 2017, enthusiatic and big-hearted Jupiter is in your sign, Libra. You can do endless good things with this. Strong allies, partners, and friends are there with you. Have a persistent vision, help and be helpful, and you should have a magnificent year!

Venus and the Moon are conjoined in the Air Sign Aquarius as 2017 begins. Love and all social relationships and connections will benefit from the cool, clear-seeing, but compassionate influences of this Air Sign.

Jupiter is retrograde from February through early June, giving you extra time to make the most of all the good things that Jupiter can bring. This retrograde doesn't take luck away but it concentrates on internal, less obvious issues. Be luckier in personal matters and get into better shape by the summer.

As the Sun enters Libra, Mercury, Venus, and Mars are all in sensible, accomplished Virgo. Your efforts may sometimes feel modest but they will have great influence and consequences.

The Sun is also conjoined with the asteroid Vesta. You natually sacrifice and share blessings and good luck. The Moon is in a separating conjunction with Jupiter at the same time. Feelings and intentions deepen and you'll focus more sharply on what matters most to you.

Libra Couple's Horoscope

Your relationships have a bright, beautiful light shining on them throughout 2017. With Jupiter in Libra for most of the year, partners and allies are tremendously important and treasured. If extravagance arises, together you can pull back and avoid getting swept away by desire and lust.

Your planet Venus is retrograde in the spring. It starts in self-absorbed Aries but concludes in empathetic Pisces. Any traces of selfishness will be overpowered by the most generous and deeply loving spirit.

As the Sun enters Libra, the asteroid Ceres is in the last degree of domestic, tradition-loving Cancer. The desire and drive to nurture one another will never fade all year long.

Venus will be in early Virgo then, too. This further improves all prospects for a comfortable, pleasing, and loving home life.

Jupiter entering Scorpio in October only deepens and empowers real love, authenticity, integrity, and true amorous intent and expression.

If December brings demands and pressures from the work world, it won't dampen your holiday spirit. Saturn and the Sun in Capricorn set the stage for wonderful but budget-friendly, loving New Year that is rich in mutual respect.

Libra Single's Horoscope

What a year for dating and being asked out, flirting and being flirted with! The January Mars-Neptune conjunction in Pisces radiates the ultimate romantic dreamy light over the whole year.

Jupiter in Libra creates countless opportunities to meet, entertain, and be entertained by love. So, get out there!

Venus starts out in smart, sensitive, but objective Aquarius. In the spring Venus turns retrograde in fiery Aries and ends in super-romantic Pisces. If you're hoping or planning to tie the knot, consider doing so after the retrograde ends, so wait until the middle of April or later.

Jupiter enters Scorpio in October, and love grows more serious and more sexy. Amorous affections may light up then.

December may seems less warm but in truth love gets more responsible and works better then. Enjoy sweet, sensible romantic times as the Sun and Saturn are both in Capricorn.

Libra Money & Career Horoscope

Finances and career get a big boost in 2017. The Sun-Pluto conjunction in Capricorn lights up all your best plans and intentions. Be serious, intense, and determined.

A Jupiter retrograde in Libra from February until early June can slow down anything that is growing too rapidly, or ease back trends in spending.

As the Sun enters Libra in September, the Lunar North Node is in dramatic, big-hearted Leo. Skip the shallow psychodramas and focus on making wise yet still dramatic changes that can very likely improve your position and image at work.

With the Sun and Saturn in Capricorn as the year ends, money matters are solid, practical, and well in hand. Have a good, affordable holiday season, and greet the New Year in great financial shape.

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