Leo Money & Career Horoscope

Money, careers, and all work efforts are highlighted in 2017 for you, Leo. Of the four Mercury retrogrades, the second from early April until early May will start in hard-working, stable Taurus and end in self-motivated Aries. Work diligently, respect any financial contraints, and all your hard work can pay off in a big, long-lasting way.

Saturn is retrograde in fiery but fun Sagittarius from early April through late August. Be disciplined through the spring and summer, have clear goals, and make great allies in high places. Your efforts will be rewarded, although perhaps not instantly.

December may be the most demanding - and also profitable. Saturn goes home to its home sign, work-focused Capricorn on December 19. On December 21 the Sun also enters Capricorn and then conjoins Saturn. Take authority for your actions, efforts, and your future now.