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Aquarius Horoscope

2017 is a time of great potential and personal growth. Hard work and success are there, too, but your greatest progress may be made internally rather than externally.

The Sun-Pluto conjunction in Capricorn that starts 2017 keeps your eye on the material prize. The Mars-Neptune conjunction will keep your loves, ideals, and highest hopes alive.

The Moon and Venus are conjoined in Aquarius as 2017 begins, too. Have an easier, warmer rapport with people one-on-one because of this.

When the Sun enters Aquarius, the Moon and Jupiter are conjoined in your Ninth House of expansion and higher learning. In 2017, you will want to learn and understand on a more complex level.

A February 10 Lunar Eclipse has the Sun in Aquarius. An August 7 Lunar Eclipse finds the Moon in Aquarius. Emotional issues may rise to the surface at those times. Be kind, big-hearted, and solutions will find you.

Your planets, Saturn and Uranus, are incredibly powerful all year. They are trine as 2017 starts. New ideas, fresh projects and people, wisdom, and boldness are all at your fingertips.

Aquarius Couple's Horoscope

Jupiter is in Libra, a sign ruled by Venus, for most of the year. Love and a generous outlook will dominate most relationships. Refrain from extravagance, concentrate on fulfilling each other’s emotional needs, and have many splendid times out socially and also intimately at home.

Venus is retrograde in March and April, starting in fiery Aries and ending in empathetic Pisces. Confusion and mismatched priorities may be more common then. Be patient, a bit less selfish, and wait for the emotional fog to clear in April.

As the Sun enters Aquarius in January, the Moon and Jupiter in congenial Libra will oppose Uranus and the asteroid Ceres in the passionate sign Aries. Throughout the year, be forthright and air your opinions. There will be loving solutions that nurture you both and can improve your home life.

Jupiter leaves Libra and enters Scorpio on October 10. Partnerships get deeper and more serious. Your domestic life may be slightly less fun or frivolous. This is all for the best. Besides, sexual interest and amorous affection is always strong when Scorpio is involved.

December and the holiday season are calmer, better defined, but also sweet, sensible, and full of mutual love and respect. The Sun and Saturn will both be in thoughtful Capricorn then.

Aquarius Single's Horoscope

Romance and your social life are glamorous and glittering with Jupiter in Libra for almost all year. Dates and casual meet-ups with attractive people should be abundant. Indulge, or cultivate, your taste for the finer things in life and share your pleasure.

With the Moon and Venus conjoined in Aquarius as 2017 starts, you'll be attractive if not irresistible all year. Adjust to being more popular.

Venus is retrograde in March and April, and this could give you a social breather if you need one. If planning to tie the knot, consider waiting until the retrograde ends on April 15.

On October 10, Jupiter moves into Scorpio. You may meet more serious admirers now. How serious do you want to get? Amorous intentions may play a bigger role in your romantic decisions.

You have control in December and during the holidays as your planet Saturn moves into Capricorn, and Sun follows two days later. You know what you want in love, and it will be respected.

Aquarius Money & Career Horoscope

Finances, work, and career are in the spotlight in 2017. The Sun-Pluto conjunction in Capricorn injects intensity into all your plans for the year.

As the Sun enters Aquarius, Venus, Mars and Neptune are all in your Second House of money and possessions. If you need to pitch for an investment, or reason with someone on the phone to address a financial matter, you have the skills to tactfully succeed.

Jupiter moving into Scorpio in October will create more realistic and successful business partnerships.

In December, the Saturn and Sun in Capricorn keep the holiday budget and work schedule under control. Start the New Year in solid, great shape.

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