Pisces Birthday Horoscope

Pisces, the dreamer of the zodiac, needs a special birthday day with an extra dose of whimsy and enchantment. Your ruling planet, Neptune, is all about illusion and transformation, so why not take in a magic show with your friends and family? You appreciate a healthy dose of escapism and a great magic show is just the right balance of entertainment and time to ponder how the world works. It's important for you see a bit of wonder in the world, which is why you're so inspiring to everyone around you!

If you're in a relationship, it's definitely the right night for a romantic dinner out, ideally with something creative like an indie movie or concert tacked on. You're a true romantic and while big gestures aren't always your thing, you do need to feel loved and appreciated.

If you're single, gather a few of your best friends for a night of dinner and dancing. Pisces are loyal people and tend to have the same friends for many years. You play a key role in helping and supporting others, so on your birthday give your loved ones the chance to tell you how much you mean to them.

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