Pisces Birthday Horoscope

Dream Journal. Dreamy Pisces is ruled by Neptune, the planet of fantasy and illusions. Invest in a dream journal so you can track your nocturnal inspiration.

Watercolors. Pisces are natural artists, always happy to have an outlet for their creativity and watercolors are a great option that honors their natural element.

Analogue Camera. Take this old school camera on your next road trip. The Holga is simple, durable, and produces magical lo-fi images.

Third Eye Opening Book. Pisces are natural empaths with a great deal of psychic potential. This book will you develop their inner voice and clairvoyant abilities.

Bath Bomb Set. Nothing soothes tired water sign Pisces like a good bath. This set of natural bath bombs packs a fizzy punch, and boasts scents like green tea and marigold.

The Romantic Poets. Is there any sign more romantic than Pisces? Probably not. This collection celebrates classic poems by some of the best like Blake and Keats. The gorgeous cover might even inspire a new poem.

Swedish Fish. They are the sign of the fish, after all. Besides, they're just plain delicious.

Rainbow Gloves. Whimsical Pisces will appreciate these fun hand warmers. Colorful and inspiring, it's also a nice reminder of the beauty that comes after a bit of weather.

Fleetwood Mac Rumours on Vinyl. Pisces are huge music fans, so gift them a vinyl copy from the classic, soft, blues-rock band.

Shower Speaker. Indulge that love of music in your natural element with this waterproof shower speaker.

More Birthday Ideas for Pisces