Pisces Birthday Horoscope

You're naturally sensitive and likely empathic, which mean you're probably soaking in other people's feelings all the time. That makes you a great friend and listener but your birthday is a great time to engage in some healing energy to help you recharge and renew yourself. Indulge in a reiki session to heal your psychic energy and relax. Integrate crystals like Amethyst, Aquamarine, and Bloodstone to supercharge your session and keep the crystals close to you all year long so they can continue to work their magic.

Culture, art and beauty are important to you, so spend time in a gallery or museum to satisfy your inner Van Gogh. Pisces are natural artists and need to gift themselves time to work on their own projects as well. Experiment with watercolors or simply find a park bench and hole up with a sketchbook and colored pencils. You could also treat yourself to an analogue camera from the Lomography store and spend the day exploring and documenting the world around you. Film cameras will help you capture that ephemeral Pisces quality.

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