Cancer Birthday Horoscope

A natural seeker of comfort and stability, nothing makes Cancer happier than a night at home. Amazing caretakers who derive a lot of joy from making sure everyone else is having fun, the best birthday for you Cancer is to invite your nearest and dearest over for an intimate dinner party.

Being a foodie with a gourmet palate is one of the hallmarks of the sign of the crab. You like food with a sense of depth and tradition, so plan something that can cook for a while, like a roast chicken, Bolognese or hearty stew. That way you can hang out with your loved ones while gathering around the kitchen—truly a Cancer's ideal night.

Even though you can be a bit of a homebody, that doesn't mean you're not a culture vulture too. After dinner, curate a few films to watch—classic tearjerkers welcome. While you have the tendency to crawl into your shell, it's only because Cancers are deeply in touch with their emotions and wear their hearts on their sleeves. When you're in your safe space, it can feel great to open up and let loose with the people you care most about.

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