Cancer Birthday Horoscope

Rosewater Candle. This sensitive sign deserves some self care, staring with this luxe Rosewater candle.

Antique Map of the Moon. Cancers are ruled by the Moon, so give them this antique map of their ruling planet for some daydream inspiration.

A Page-Turning Book. Sinking into a fresh new book at home is basically a dream Cancer afternoon. The New York Times bestseller is endorsed by Reese Witherspoon.

Set of Beach Towels. Give this water sign a reason to kick back at the beach. Turkish towels are elegant, convenient, and come in a variety of colors.

Set of Coffee or Tea Mug. No one appreciates sitting back with a cup of coffee or tea like a Cancer. These white and gold offerings will take their kitchen style up a notch.

Sequin Pillows. Just because the sign of the crab can be a bit of a homebody doesn't mean they don't appreciate a sense of glam! Gift them these sparkly pillows to decorate their abode (aka, their protective shell).

Glass Terrarium. Nurturing Cancers always love having something to dote on—plants included (even easy care succulents need love).

Kitchen Mixer. Chances are, the Cancer in your life is a gourmet home cook. Gift them a nice kitchen mixer. You may even get a nice meal out of it!

Woven Basket. Nothing is more calming or serene than a home with ample storage to put away any clutter. With this woven basket, storage goes next level and looks as chic filled as it does empty.

Throw Blanket. As calming as a sunset set along the water, this ombre throw encourages extra cuddle times.

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