Cancer Birthday Horoscope

First off Cancer—get yourself to the nearest pool for some major rest and relaxation. You're a summer baby, so there should be plenty of options this time of year for you to indulge your inner mermaid.

Cancers do a lot of emotional heavy lifting, so when the time comes to take care of yourself, you like to lay back and recharge with a lot of low key quiet time. Read a favorite book, listen to some soothing tunes, and put yourself first for once. Don't be afraid to treat yourself to a mimosa while you're at it—it is your day, after all.

After some quality pool time, hit up a vintage store or flea market to scour the aisles for something new. Cancers love the thrill of the hunt, especially for domestic items. Your feminine nature has imbued you with a keen eye for beauty and great taste, and you love feathering your nest with special finds.

You're also ruled by the Moon, so pay attention to what phase it's in on your birthday. New Moons are great for setting intentions, while Full Moon are the perfect time for taking action and making changes. A Moon ritual is a great way to connect to yourself and your ruling planet to make a strong start to the year ahead.

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