Your Weekend Love Horoscope for November 10 to 12: Ready to Lock Down Love?

By Virginia Mason

On November 10, 2017

In Aspect, Future, Sex

Your Weekend Love Horoscope for November 10 to 12: Ready to Lock Down Love?

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Ever since last week’s Taurus full moon, about 5 meteors an hour have been falling through the Taurus constellation. This meteor shower—known for shooting fireballs across the sky—peaks this weekend. So while the Virgo moon gives Venus a boost, these falling stars bring tears. You may realize something that hits so close to home that you can’t help but cry. You become overwhelmed as you finally understand why you’ve been struggling. This understanding fills you with equal parts joy and sorrow, and ultimately, this emotional breakthrough will serve you and any relationship well. It’s a revelation you need to have, and it will bring you and your current or future lover closer together.

Aries Weekend Love Horoscope
Have you allowed yourself to fall under someone’s sexual spell or is this spell your own? Sex fills your heart and satisfies your desire for excitement, but come Sunday, you’ll start to see through the cracks. Mars and the moon challenge Neptune, suggesting that you’re deluding yourself or someone is deluding you. None of this is necessarily intentional or malicious. But you’re living in a fantasy that isn’t in line with what’s actually going on. This happens to the best of us, especially when we’re swept away by lust. Pay special attention to whether you’re the one creating this fantasy or whether you’re being manipulated by your lover. Either way, it’s time to wake up and see the light.

Love Lesson: Lust can trick you into thinking you’re in love.

Passion Prediction:                
Taurus Weekend Love Horoscope
As if the full moon wasn’t enough, you now have fireballs lighting up your sign. This feels like a full moon hangover, and you’re still releasing the self hatred the full moon showed you. Swaddle yourself in a plush blanket and go ahead and cry all the tears you need to cry. Let it all out because the universe has big plans for you. Love is headed your way – either in the form of a new connection or a renewed connection. You’ve been tempted to fix the people you love. I know you just want the best for them, but let them be. Empower them to be fully themselves. Encourage them to give the same to you. When you’re totally you and they’re totally them, together you will be totally free. 

Love Lesson:  Love doesn’t ask for anything. Love is free.

Passion Prediction:             

Gemini Weekend Love Horoscope
Have you met someone new? Mercury in Sagittarius has you exploring new terrain – in your mind and in your body. All of this exploration is bringing some intense passion into your life. This connection—or connections—is teaching you new things about yourself and the world. But most likely, it’s just physical. You’re not feeling the spiritual union with this one, and while the sex is taking you to new places, be careful not to get swept away. If you do, you’ll begin to feel like you’re losing touch with the details of your life. Anxiety will creep in and kill the mood. So make sure you are taking care of yourself, your home, and your checkbook before you go out and have fun. Accomplishing these to-dos will ease your mind and allow you to relax into the weekend fun.

Love Lesson: Take care of yourself first.

Passion Prediction:                
Cancer Weekend Love Horoscope
You realize you’ve been sacrificing too much of yourself. This isn’t a breakdown worthy realization. It’s just awareness, and you’re able to use it to your advantage. The moon moves into Virgo for the rest of the weekend, supporting both Uranus and Venus. This helps you find the balance you desire between independence and partnership. You know that you’ve given more of yourself then you wanted to give, and it’s on you to stop. There’s no need to beat yourself up about this. Instead, just shift your behavior and be honest in any relationship about what you want. Now that you’ve taken care of that, go have fun. Saturday is ideal for a date night and passionate sex.

Love Lesson: You have to be honest with yourself in order to be honest with other people.

Passion Prediction:   
Leo Weekend Love Horoscope
Friday’s Leo moon squares your ruler the sun, and you feel split in two. You may face a difficult decision now, and even if you aren’t forced to make a decision, you’ll wrestle with the feeling of being torn. You want romance, fun, and play, but you also want deep intimacy. It’s hard to keep things super light while exploring the darkness, but you may be able to harness this energy and make it happen! And dancing is an incredible way to do this. Go out alone to meet someone new or with your partner if you have one. Dancing will help you embrace your free, fun, wild side, while also opening you to your depths and all the places you may regularly run from. This combined energy can be incredibly sexually satisfying, allowing love to flow through the rest of the weekend.

Love Lesson: Too much of one thing is boring. Explore the light and the dark for an exciting time.

Passion Prediction:        
Virgo Weekend Love Horoscope
Venus in Scorpio lets you and you lover explore your deepest, darkest secrets, and once you’re there, the Virgo moon helps you see everything that’s hidden. Expect conversations where no stone is left unturned. Expect deep emotional bonding and intense intimacy. Expect an incredible amount of acceptance between you and your partner. Don’t be afraid of what they may see, and don’t fear what you may see in them. You’re curious to know each other. You’re unlikely to get triggered by or misinterpret what you share. Instead, you both slow down and work to truly understand each other. If something doesn’t sit right, you know to simply stay curious and keep asking questions until it makes sense. Love and curiosity lead the way.

Love Lesson: Don’t assume you know what’s underneath. Peer deeply to truly see what’s there. 

Passion Prediction:       
Libra Weekend Love Horoscope
Mars in Libra is sextiled by the moon and Mercury. You can trust both your thoughts and feelings to guide you toward great sex, and sex is the goal. Of course you’d love a partner, but don’t kid yourself into thinking that that’s what you’re building. Your desire for sexual satisfaction is valid on its own. It’s also masking your ability to see clearly. Neptune challenges Mars, and when Neptune comes in, you never really know what you’re getting. You may be seeing the truth. You may not be. For right now, don’t worry too much about what’s real and what isn’t. You’re being driven by the stars toward what you need, and if that’s just great sex, then awesome! Friday and Saturday nights are both ideal for spending time with your lover. Let the chips fall where they may.

Love Lesson: You can’t control the outcome, so enjoy the ride.

Passion Prediction:            
Scorpio Weekend Love Horoscope
Venus rules Taurus, where all of the stars are falling this weekend, and since Venus resides in Scorpio, you’re feeling this almost as much as Taurus. And it feels a whole lot like letting go. You like to keep your secrets. You don’t even realize how much this is true, but the Virgo moon allows any lover to work their way past your defenses and into your depths. The result is passion, intimacy, deep bonding, and yes, you’re likely to cry along the way. The tears come because you feel completely disarmed and transparent. That may sound scary, but this is a beautiful disarmament. It softens you and allows for deeper connection. This is understanding. This is what you want but are mostly too afraid to allow yourself to have.

Love Lesson: Let yourself be seen. 

Passion Prediction:         
Sagittarius Weekend Love Horoscope
Right when you feel like you’re getting what you want, you hit a wall. The moon emphasizes Saturn and Mercury to create instability. You’re inclined toward thinking the worst of yourself and focusing on all of your limitations. But your mind may be playing tricks on you, and if you use sex to try to escape the uncomfortable feelings, then you may fall even deeper down the rabbit hole of delusion. Right now, it’s best to only have sex as part of a mutually loving relationship. Otherwise, you may be setting yourself up for heartbreak down the road. So take things slowly and take some time alone to check in with yourself and make sure you are making the choices you want to make.

Love Lesson: It’s often best to spend some time alone to regain your footing, especially after a significant break up.

Passion Prediction   
Capricorn Weekend Love Horoscope 
You’re more observant than usual, and from this refined vantage point, your confidence soars. The moon trines Saturn and breaks down your scarcity mentality. You often take your thoughts too seriously. You think the way you see things is precisely as they are. This means you also think that all of your perceived limitations are very, very real. This can keep you from going after the things you want. But the Virgo moon draws your attention to the details that you’ve missed. You now believe that more is possible, and you are ready to go after it. Love and commitment don’t seem as scary. You believe you will have the great love, and this belief makes you highly likely to find it.

Love Lesson: You have to believe in true love to experience true love.

Passion Prediction:         
Aquarius Weekend Love Horoscope 
Uranus has opposed Venus for awhile now. This has made it hard for you to feel settled in a relationship. But Friday is the last day for this opposition. Come Saturday, the moon brings balance and comfort into your love life. You’ll experience this best by embracing Virgo energies. Surround yourself by nature, make your home beautiful and organized, take care of your to-dos, and keep an open mind about everything and everyone. You may feel like you’re seeing your lover for the first time in a long time, and the odds are you like what you see. If the weather is nice, try going for a walk together. Allow yourselves to turn down whatever streets catch your eye. This kind of adventuring will bond you and keep things feeling fresh.

Love Lesson: Keep things interesting by going on an adventure together.

Passion Prediction:       
Pisces  Weekend Love Horoscope 
Neptune trines Venus and inconjuncts Mars. Love is flowing beautifully, but sexually, something’s amiss. You likely aren’t even aware of this, so make sure to slow things down in the bedroom. Give yourself extra time to check in with yourself about what you want and resist simply following your lover’s lead. Love is happening for you. Love is real. Whatever is going on physically is another issue, and you may want to have a chat with yourself to figure out what it is. Are you simply not sexually satisfied? Are you afraid? Are you reliving old traumas? Be kind to yourself while you figure this out. There’s no rush, and take special care on Sunday when you’re mood is likely to plummet.

Love Lesson: Seek quiet solitude when you need to sort things out.

Passion Prediction: 

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Virginia is a Brooklyn-based Reiki Master and psychic healer dedicated to expanding people’s understanding of what’s possible. She offers private readings, coaching, healing, and more through her company, Fleeting Connections.

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