Your Sign’s Summer Sex Fantasy


On April 26, 2018

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Your Sign’s Summer Sex Fantasy

The sun’s out, the weather’s warmer, Venus is in Gemini, and all signs are feeling frisky AF. So why not explore a sexual fantasy? Here, exactly what’s on your mind. Read for your rising sign, and read your partner’s fantasy as well.


Rams love action in all forms, and getting sweaty together is the best way to ramp up excitement between the sheets. Engage in a friendly race, cycling class, or Tough Mudder competition to get your adrenaline flowing, then climb into bed together — skip the shower, the sweat will only make your natural animal attraction that much more intense.


Bulls are all about the slow burn, and they love being pursued. This summer, focus on reaching just to the point of orgasm, then backing off. Doing this a few times will make your climax like nothing you’ve ever experienced before. Another Taurus treat: Bring food into the bedroom. Licking chocolate sauce or ice cream off your lover’s body—and having them do the same—can be an incredible treat for all the senses.


Want to play a game of sexy spy? While role playing may sound cheesy AF, try pretending your partner is a sexy stranger you’ve just met at a bar. Up the ante with some high-stakes roleplay, pretending you’re a spy whose cover is dependent on them falling in love with you. The more you get into it, the better. As a Gemini, you’re all about trying on different personalities for size, so go all out — costume, sexy lingerie, whatever it takes to get you out of your daily routine.


Clear the calendar, because your fantasy is 24 hours in bed. Who cares if the sun is shining and it’s the perfect beach day? Having nothing to do and nowhere to be but with your partner appeals to your natural intensity, and a 24/7 session of loving gives you a dose of intimacy you didn’t even know you were craving.


Lions like intensity, and they like being in charge. But shake up the dynamic by exploring submission with your partner. It may feel uncomfortable for you to be the one wearing a blindfold, or being handcuffed, and that’s exactly the point. Playing with power dynamics can feel delicious.


Normally buttoned up, let your freak flag fly (a bit!) Exploring low-key exhibitionism in the form of heavy PDA on a pretty empty beach, having sex with the windows open, or sending racy Snaps while at work can ignite your libido. There are so many ways to be secretly bad, so try exploring them all.


Libras love blending the mind and body. Reading erotica together is a great place to start. Even better? Try emailing or texting sexy scenarios back and forth to your partner, including the delicious ways you plan to act them out IRL. Having a slow burn sext session going on all day long, even (especially!) if you’re super busy at work.


Yes, you know you’re intense and passionate and fiery. But this summer, you may be intrigued and turned on by sex-lite. Sex lite is morning sex, couch sex while the TV is on, just because PDA while you’re preparing dinner. By adding more sex to your everyday routine, you’ll find fireworks can be found in the most amazing places — no whips and chains required.


This summer, you’re all about sex in the water. You like the concept of PDA, and you’re also down with the idea of getting sexy and slippery. Proceed — with caution. Sand, salt water, and cops can make this fantasy go downhill quickly. Instead, experiment with shower sex and see how it feels.


Hotel room sex is everything to Caps, and Caps should get it on as much as possible in as many hotel rooms as possible. Responsible Caps are especially turned on by the seedy concept of going to a hotel that charges by the hour, so experiment with that feeling of naughtiness. Have kids? Book a babysitter, and instead of going to dinner, spend a few hours engaged in a tryst at a no-name hotel, and feel satisfied for weeks.


Come on, crystals! Aquarius is intrigued by toys in the bedroom, and a crystal sex toy hits all the high marks (and all the right places) Try one on yourself or your partner, and see how it feels. Adding toys to the mix can bring your sex life in a naughty new direction, and it can also be fun to purchase them as a pair.


For you, fish, this summer is all about feeling confident asking for exactly what you want in bed. You love experimenting, and tend to like whatever your partner does, but it’s time to truly figure out what turns you on. Voice your opinions, experiment, and try telling your partner exactly what you want done. They’ll be happy to oblige.

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