Your Sign’s Biggest Beauty Weakness and How to Fix It

By Ruby Warrington

On August 22, 2017

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Your Sign’s Biggest Beauty Weakness and How to Fix It

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I remember being surprised to discover that Aries (my Sun sign) is the sign most likely to battle with their hair. I’d always associated the sign of Leo with all things to do with the tresses—as most Leos I know are instantly recognizable for their luscious manes. But, since the head is the body part ruled by Aries, it actually makes sense that we also obsess over our hair more than any other sign. And as I wrote in my recent guide to best summer hairstyle by sign post, I can most definitely relate.

So, does this mean every sign has a beauty “issue”? Yep! And all you have to do is look at the body part governed by each sign to see where it might show up.

Read on for an overview of the unique beauty challenge for each sign and how to fix it …And, as with everything related to appearance, also read your rising sign as well.

Aries beauty issue: bad hair days
Aries beauty fix: A close relationship with a stylist you trust

Not only does Aries rule the head, but being governed by the look-at-me first house of the zodiac means first impressions matter more than average to this sign. Having a trusty go-to up-do can save many a bad hair day, while regular visits to the salon are a must to keep hair healthy and in good shape.

Taurus beauty issue: lipstick on your teeth
Taurus beauty fix: subtle compact checks

Taurus is both the foodie and the beauty junkie of the Zodiac—a combo that doesn’t always mix! A full mouth of luscious lipstick is often a Taurean signature, and to keep it looking neat, choose a brand with staying power. Maybelline’s SuperStay 24-hour lip color is a great pick, and take extra care to check your teeth after every meal.

Gemini beauty issue: bitten nails
Gemini beauty fix: pretty polish

Not only does Gemini rule the hands, but their agile mind can lead to overthinking, anxiety, and nail biting as a result. It’s much harder to bite your nails when you have a clean, fresh manicure; making a weekly appointment at your local nail bar should help curb the habit.

Cancer beauty issue: bloating
Cancer beauty fix: a new drinks strategy

Sensitive Cancer rules the stomach, and as the sign that tends to have the most trouble “digesting” difficult emotions, this can show up as bloating around the mid-section. Give your gut a helping hand by investing in a good probiotic, and add some probiotic foods, such as kimchi and kombucha, to your diet.

Leo beauty issue: sun damage
Leo beauty fix: SPF all day, everyday (even in winter, Lions!)

Ruled by the Sun, Leo is likely to the first sign to hit the sundeck—and suffer the worst sun damage as a result. This could mean anything from freckles and hormone-related discoloration, to outright raw, burned skin—ouch! Wearing a daily moisturizer with an SPF of at least 20 and taking regular timeouts in the shade are crucial in helping Leo dial it back.

Virgo beauty issue: too much makeup
Virgo beauty fix: an inner glow
The perfectionist of the zodiac, Virgo tends to fixate on how they appear to others, and in our hyper-visual, selfie-obsessed culture, the temptation can be to layer on the cosmetics and conceal any perceived imperfections. But too much of a good thing is … no longer a good thing. Focus on eating right and getting enough sleep to get that glow from within.

Libra beauty issue: skin problems
Libra beauty fix: a water bottle

As the ruler of the kidneys, the organs responsible for cleaning toxins from the blood, zits and skin rashes could occur when this process isn’t able to be performed efficiently. Since the dawn of time (well, beauty journalism) the number one beauty rule for every sign has been to drink more water—and this applies doubly to you, Libra!

Scorpio beauty issue: skin eruptions
Scorpio beauty fix: deep breathing

When the Scorpionic depths decide to erupt … this often shows up on the skin. Zits can be hormone-related, too, since Scorpio rules over the reproductive system. Chinese herbs, like Women’s Formula by Dao Labs, could help regulate any imbalances, while a regular meditation practice will help process deep emotions.

Sagittarius beauty issue: unwanted extra pounds
Sagittarius beauty fix: a sweat sesh

Not only does sporty Sagittarius rule the thighs, but since this sign loves to say “yes” to life, this can also mean saying yes to an extra glass of wine or pizza slice. “Yolo” may as well be the Sag motto, and while life most definitely is too short to skimp on the simple pleasures, you can mitigate the effects of any over-indulgences with regular cardio work and sessions in the steam room.

Capricorn beauty issue: stained teeth
Capricorn beauty fix: a multi-step cleaning routine

Teeth are a symbol of maturity, and it makes sense that they’re ruled by Capricorn—the most grown-up of the signs. Teeth-grinding is a Capricornian trait; and Caps can also use coffee to fuel their steady climb to the top (not to mention red wine to wind down from it each evening), leading to stains if they’re not careful. Religious flossing and trips to the hygienist every six months will help keep things in check.

Aquarius beauty issue: puffy ankles
Aquarius beauty fix: long walks

Aquarians rule over the breath and circulation—yet, with all the time they spend in their heads, circulation-boosting exercise can often be an afterthought. Swollen legs and ankles from long periods sitting at the computer mean you simply must factor regular dance breaks into your day!

Pisces beauty issue: pedi probs
Pisces beauty fix: comfortable kicks

Oh, Pisces and your sensitive feet! It’s as if you never got quite comfortable with swapping out your fins, and you’d definitely be happier with your feet constantly in the ocean—meaning too-tight shoes tend to do more damage to you than most signs. A regular pedicure (with time for the extra foot massage) isn’t an indulgence for you—it’s a must.

Ruby Warrington is the founder of the modern spirituality site The Numinous; the co-founder of Moon Club, a monthly mentoring program; and the author of Material Girl, Mystical World.

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