Your Horoscope for Monday, October 9: Change is Coming. Are You Ready?


On October 9, 2017

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Your Horoscope for Monday, October 9: Change is Coming. Are You Ready?

Big changes are coming. Jupiter is entering Scorpio tomorrow, a celestial move that triggers major energy changes. While these are generally good, you may feel overwhelmed with possibilities this week, and may feel like your actual tasks don’t match your ambition. Be patient and be in control. The universe wants you to take responsibility for the major shifts that will occur in your own life. And because of a Venus-Saturn square over the weekend, you may find yourself still ruminating on romance—what’s going on, what isn’t going on, and what your partner is really thinking—to take a significant amount of mental real estate today. The key: Don’t jump to conclusions and actually talk things out. Protect your heart, but don’t expect others to read your mind.

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Aries Daily Horoscope
Rams are stressed AF, and you may feel like other people aren’t helping you achieve your goals. Take a deep breath and chill. Remember that everyone is dealing with a lot of different things, and it’s not all about you. Adding self care to your routine would be smart, especially today, when you’re already feeling on edge. 

Taurus Daily Horoscope   
Active Pluto is imbuing all words with extra meaning, and you may be driving yourself nuts trying to understand the subtext of what a boss or manager may say. If things are unclear, ask for clarification. Sounds obvious, but making sure you’re all on the same page helps you get out of your head and actually can make Bulls get things done today!

Gemini Daily Horoscope      
Did you do a little too much Insta-scrolling this weekend? You’re stuck on something that happened in the past, or focused too much on someone from your past, which is muddling your mind and making it hard for you to clairfy what steps you need tot ake. A digital detox may be in order today, and remember: Eyes on your own paper. Being jealous of someone else’s success won’t get you closer to your goal. 

Cancer Daily Horoscope
Keep calm, Crabs. Pluto’s activity may make you feel pressured to make a decision or do something ASAP, but know that you do not need to make a move until you’re 100% ready. You tend to coccoon inward, but hat strategy will only crank up your stress today. Instead, let others in. Talking through a problem, even in hypotheticals, can help you suss out next steps. Talk over action, today! 

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Leo Daily Horoscope
It’s not your imagination: Power plays are happening all around you. Stay above the fray and avoid getting caught up in office politics or gossip. If you must, keep conversations IRL and far away from work—paper trails may come back to haunt you. But it’s also worth remembering it’s not all about work. Focusing on your social life will give Lions the balance they need today. 

Virgo Daily Horoscope
With the Sun and Mercury in a challenging aspect to Pluto, you may feel like everything you do today is met with resistance. Know that this is not a reflection on you or your talents, and that things will shake out as they should. For now, take some cues from your own reactions. Panicking may be a sign you’re overly invested, especially in a work situation. 

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Libra Daily Horoscope
Libras may find themselves obsessing over the past today, as the Pluto square between the Sun and Mercury unburies old grievances and unfinished business. Let it go! A letting go ritual can be incredibly powerful in moving on. Also, instead of focusing on the bad, focus on what you may have learned or how you grew from that experience. 

Scorpio Daily Horoscope
Thank Mercury for the word mercurial—that feeling of being all over the emotional map, as you are today, Scorpio. Let yourself cry, but don’t place too much importance or meaning on your feelings today—they’ll all add up to part of a larger pattern. For now, protect yourself and keep yourself away from situations you know will be emotionally triggering. 

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Sagittarius Daily Horoscope
Today is the Monday to end all Mondays, Sags. We’re not going to lie: Today is a tough day. But see the silver lining in the challenges you face: People are watching you and see you as a leader, and the moves you make today will have powerful implications for the rest of the year. You thrive on challenges, so as annoying as today might be, know it’s nothing you can’t handle. 

Capricorn Daily Horoscope
Can’t people just say what they mean? Not today, where all conversations are loaded with subtext. If you can, avoid group decisions or next steps from meetings. Best to focus on what you can control—yourself. Making sure your part of a project or presentation is airtight and amazing is the best way to ensure a smooth rest of the week. 

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Aquarius Daily Horoscope 
You’re feeling emotional today and may be tempted to use someone as a scapegoat. Hold back. Write the angry email but save it in drafts. Yell in the shower. Those emotions have to be released, so release them, but avoid any arguments or confrontations, which may spiral out of control today.

Pisces Daily Horoscope
Prickly Pluto is affecting your sign, making you feel ultra-sensitive. Deep breaths and try to add some #weekendvibes into your day. Invite friends over tonight, take a long walk during lunch, or do something to remind yourself that you are way, way more than your job and current set of circumstances. (Need inspiration? Read 4 Rituals to Inspire Your Body and Mind!)

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