Weekly Horoscope: November 7–13, 2022

By Mary Bergner

On November 6, 2022

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Weekly Horoscope: November 7–13, 2022

There are a lot of planetary shenanigans going on this week that will require you to stay on top of your mental game, and your biggest challenge will be not to let life’s little distractions stop you from doing what you gotta do.

For example, an intense full moon (repping our feelings) and lunar eclipse in stubborn Taurus fill the beginning of the week with emotional instability that can throw you off for the whole week. And an unreasonable opposition between sarcastic Mercury (the vocal planet) in Scorpio and unsettled Uranus (our cosmic revolutionary) in Taurus on the same day has you saying things you don’t mean after jumping to some pretty irrational conclusions. These high-anxiety cosmic interactions lead to headaches you definitely don’t need.

Thursday’s serene trine between the sun (our confidence booster) and Neptune (the universal dream weaver) in water signs can lull you into a false sense of security because just when you convince yourself that everything’s going to be okay — wham, reality hits and tells you otherwise. Try to stay focused and don’t overreact. Keeping your guard up is necessary for a bit longer.

You can trust your instincts a little more during Sunday’s Mercury-Neptune water trine, but only because you’re also reading the fine print and paying attention to all the little details. Being confident in your choices makes sense when you’ve also done enough research to back up your hunches.

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Are you going to let a little planetary interference mess with your game this week, Aries? Not if you can help it! Staying in control when someone (or something) wants to take your power away from you will be a major challenge this week but since when do you shy away from hard tests? This is your chance to prove to the world (and maybe yourself) that you’re a real-deal warrior.

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With a lot of lunar action in your first house this week, Taurus, you’re going to be even more headstrong than usual. If you thought that was possible, raise your hand (zero hands raised). The thing is, when there’s this much planetary traffic getting in your way, you kind of have to choose a course of direction and stick with it. And even if you realize halfway in that you made a wrong turn, you gotta act like you meant to do it all along in order to maintain that important outward confidence.

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With all of the cosmic interference surrounding you, it’s hard to be 100 percent sure of yourself and your decision-making skills this week, but that’s okay because you can thrive despite the chaos. As a sign who typically likes a lot of options, you can deal with some mentally taxing situations. If taking a step in one direction doesn’t work out, you’ll find an alternate path that might be even better. Keeping a positive attitude is key, Gemini, because once you start hanging your head in defeat it’s over.

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Your sign is extremely affected by this week’s intense lunar events, Cancer, and with the full moon and eclipse in your friend zone, your circle of people closest to you will be your main area of concern. The chances of messing things up with your besties forever are slim, but this lunation can make some social situations awkward AF. Are you strictly a bystander or are you contributing to the gossip, misunderstandings, and arguments? Don’t downplay your role. 

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Don’t let off the gas at all this week, Leo, because when you do, you’ll find yourself in the middle of a clusterf*ck that you definitely don’t want to be a part of. People accuse you of just cruising through life and not paying attention to unimportant things, but honestly, that kind of carefree attitude will carry you far this week. You’re not stupid — you know what’s really going on — but putting on a blissfully ignorant smile can help you get through this week relatively unscathed. You can deal with the aftermath of it all next week.

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There is some pretty intense lunar energy targeting your house of travel and adventure this week, Virgo, which can be pretty exciting. Before you get your hopes and expectations up too high, however, it’s important to put your priorities in order. If you can take a few days off to jet off to an exotic island, try out for a reality show, etc., great, go for it! But unless these are once-in-a-lifetime opportunities, real life might get in the way of your ability to take full advantage of certain situations. That’s just the way it goes sometimes. 

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You’re usually the poster child for calm diplomacy so when people close to you see you get rattled this week, it can be unsettling. And that’s a lot of pressure on you, isn’t it, Libra?! Not only do you have your own stuff to deal with but now you have to set a good example, too. You’re always willing to do what you can to keep the peace, but some things will get messy soon, and there isn’t much you can do about it. Making peace with that is your big challenge right now.

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As a fixed sign you don’t like dealing with uncertainty, which is what Tuesday’s full moon and lunar eclipse in your seventh house of relationships deal you. You’re also one of the most determined signs, Scorpio, so you aren’t going to let some little moon static ruin a solid friendship or a developing business partnership. You know that harmonious personal interactions are imperative to your daily life, so you’re set on doing whatever it takes to fix this glitch while you can. Your good mood depends on it.

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You love getting distracted by life’s little surprises, but the cosmic action this week throws at you might be a little much even for you. The full moon lunar eclipse targets your sixth house of details and order, throwing everything off course just far enough to be a pain in the butt. When everything gets chaotic it can be exciting but also make you slightly panicky, anxious, and nervous. Keep an open mind but don’t expect miracles, Sagittarius.      

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The full moon and eclipse light up your fifth house and result in a surge of creativity this week, which you’re going to need to deal with everything that’s going on. Also look for your love life to turn a bit chaotic under this lunation, as your need to be loved and adored increases. You’re not typically into drama, Capricorn, but that comes with the intense lunar energy that’s influencing you now. Getting a little “me time” might be tough but that’s what you’ll need to stay grounded.

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Odds are good that you’re a factual kind of person, Aquarius, so when this week’s lunar activity travels through your moving fourth house, longing for the type of emotional connections that you usually don’t crave might really catch you off guard. Any kind of family imbalance or disharmony needs to be dealt with now instead of swept under the rug, and this directness makes you extremely uncomfortable. You can trust your instincts but look for facts to back up how you’re feeling.

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As a sign that depends on your gut feelings and intuition a lot, this week’s lunar interference really messes with messages from your subconscious. Tuesday’s full moon and lunar eclipse hits your mentally active zone hard and make you think about the kinds of things you try hard to suppress. You’re an idealist at heart, and all of this realness can really put you in a funk, Pisces. Luckily, the end of the week delivers a dreamy respite where you can lose yourself in “maybe,” “what if,” and “they lived happily ever after” fairy tale endings.  

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