Weekly Horoscope: June 19–25, 2023

Weekly Horoscope: June 19–25, 2023

Pull up a chair because we’ve got a lot to talk about this week! Many celestial bodies are in motion, starting with a strong sextile between fateful Jupiter (the knowledge-seeking planet) and ambitious Saturn (our universal teacher) on Monday that’s giving “celebrate your freedom” vibes all week long. Learning from the past and embracing the full potential of the future are what this exchange is all about, and we’re totally here for it.

The bold sun (repping our sense of self) teams up with sentimental Cancer on Wednesday, welcoming the official start of summer and giving us all a sweet sense of nostalgia. Enjoy the next several weeks as you relive touching memories of the distant past when life was a little bit simpler and effortless.

Thursday sees commitment-focused asteroid Juno also meet up with soft-hearted, nurturing Cancer, shining a light on your home life and reminding you to take care of your responsibilities there. If you’re single/live alone, have you watered your plants and fed your pets? If you’ve got a family at home, are you doing what it takes to make them feel loved and safe? Home is where the heart is, so do whatever it takes to make it your happy place!

Spiritual asteroid Vesta makes a move into curious Gemini later on Thursday, sending you on a deep dive into topics related to religion, the occult, the afterlife, metaphysics, sacred traditions, etc. This is a diverse time of learning, but you also get easily distracted. Take lots of breaks to give your overloaded brain a chance to process all this new stuff. 

Your Zodiac Sign’s Weekly Horoscope


You get a chance to get in touch with your sensitive side this week, Aries, which can make you a little bit uncomfortable. But that’s okay — it’s all part of the process of learning and growing. Sometimes the pain, awkwardness, and nervousness are just what you have to go through in order to become a better version of yourself.

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There’s room for a lot of growth this week, Taurus. Getting in touch with your feelings isn’t always easy, but it’s almost always worth it. Your curiosity late in the week leads to some very interesting doors being opened. So, don’t hesitate to walk through them. Wait until you see what’s on the other side!

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Your fond memories dominate your thoughts for most of the week, which is such a pleasant experience. Getting the chance to feel like you did back in your glory days has a profoundly emotional effect you aren’t used to, which you definitely weren’t prepared for. And while you don’t necessarily want to go back and live in the past, it sure is a nice place to visit.

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Your warm, caring sign is responsible for a lot of the gentle, nurturing vibes that everyone is feeling this week, Cancer. Your typical walks down memory lane are often accompanied by a healthy dose of moodiness, but this time the experience is overwhelmingly positive. Hearing a favorite song or smelling a familiar aroma immediately takes you back to somewhere you loved being. Lucky you. 

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You love the rollercoaster of emotions that the week puts you on! You’re one of the few signs that can be up one minute and down the next and still want to get back on the ride. What fun would life be if you never knew the difference between happiness and sadness, pleasure and pain, right, Leo?

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There might be too many emotions swirling around for you to feel totally comfortable this week, Virgo, but getting in touch with your feelings has its benefits. There’s a lot of shy energy in your social zone now. So, staying at home and addressing family issues might seem like the lesser of two evils. Sometimes where you end up is exactly where you’re supposed to be.

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You have a strong sense of what you need to do to reach your full potential this week, Libra, so you’re feeling alive, energetic, and ready to conquer what the world has in store for you. You’re also very protective of your peeps. So, no matter what you have going on personally, you’re ready to put it on hold if someone needs you. And that’s what makes you stand out from everybody else! 

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You can get stuck in the past if you aren’t careful this week, Scorpio. If you’re not currently loving your life, it’s tempting to want to go back to a time when you were. Hindsight distorts things, though. If you had a time machine, you’d find out that few things weren’t as great as you think. #Facts 

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You might spend more time in your head than out and about this week, but that’s okay, Sagittarius. You’re probably mentally and emotionally ready for a break from all that wandering you’ve been doing lately, anyway. Plus, you probably have more vacay/travel photos than any other sign, so if you miss being out in the world, looking at them should help.

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Unlike outwardly emotional signs, you’re able to look back at moments from the past without getting stuck there this week, Capricorn. Of course, you feel a certain amount of sentimentality when you think about friends, relatives, and even pets who are no longer with you, but you don’t dwell on the sadness. Being able to focus on the positive is truly one of your more enviable traits right now.

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Emotions can hit you like a ten-ton truck if you aren’t ready for them this week. You kind of like to pride yourself on not getting overly attached to people but remembering someone you’ve lost can put you in a funk. Luckily, there’s plenty to take your mind off your melancholy mood as the week progresses, but that doesn’t stop you from experiencing a certain underlying wistfulness. Maybe your emotions run a lot deeper than you think they do, eh, Aquarius?

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Your vivid memories can reduce you to a puddle of tears or have you grinning from ear to ear this week, Pisces. Your waking and dreaming hours are filled with images of the past getting tangled up with the present and future, producing varying results. Take time late in the week to explore a unique topic of interest that will help prevent you from getting lost in darker subconscious thoughts. 

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