Weekly Horoscope: July 17–23, 2023

Weekly Horoscope: July 17–23, 2023

The universe is throwing a lot at you this week, but you can handle it! Monday gifts us with a sensitive new Cancer moon (our enlightened mother figure), giving all the cozy, comforting vibes you need to form tighter bonds with your family unit. If, by chance, you’re all taking a summer vacay together this week, great timing!

Enjoy that nurturing lunar energy while it’s around because on Saturday discriminating Venus (ruling how we relate to people) goes retrograde while paired with loud Leo and the sun (the center of our existence) follows into the extroverted Lion’s sign on Sunday, which both really ramp up the drama. The little quirks and annoying habits you normally tolerate in the people closest to you seem way over the top, and vice versa. You’ve been getting away with your extra antics, but that will come to a screeching halt during this backward rotation.

The weekend ends on a grouchy note as wounded healer Chiron goes retrograde while in fighter Aries and puts you in one of those kinds of moods. Does everything have to be a battle?! Even though the cause may be a valiant one, there’s no shame in putting down your weapon and walking away. Refusing to soldier up for a war you can’t win might be one of the smartest things you do all week.

Your Zodiac Sign’s Weekly Horoscope


You like to think of yourself as a warrior, but can you set aside that battle mentality long enough to let the pacifist in you come out? If there’s one in there at all, that is. You have plenty of chances to show your true colors this week, so by the time all is said and done, you and everyone around you should know once and for all what you are (and aren’t) capable of. 

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As a steady earth sign, you aren’t the first person to jump up and get involved in whatever drama is taking place, but this week your mood hits a little different. Once your adrenaline starts pumping, it’s hard to make it stop. Maybe you are the type of person who wants to be in the middle of all the chaos after all, Taurus!

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As a quick-thinking, Mercury-ruled Twin, you’re usually able to use your brain to get you out of most altercations before they even start, and this week is no different. Avoid being overly snarky and sarcastic, though, because having an attitude with the wrong person could get you into something you don’t want any part of. When people can’t express themselves adequately with words, Gemini, they tend to use their fists!

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You’re loving your time with loved ones early in the week, Cancer. It’s the more, the merrier in your house, as you’re in the mood to care for, nurture, and entertain the people closest to you. Being asked to throw an impromptu party can stress you out a bit, but if there’s any sign that can handle it, it’s you. Don’t even act like you don’t already have a potential theme and menu in mind!

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There are some family issues to deal with early in the week, but just use your trademark rizz, and you should be fine. You’re the star of the weekend, Leo, just how you like it. Still, remember that when the spotlight shines on you, it shows all the good and the bad. Be sure that you’re ready for everyone to see it all once you step onto the stage and start your performance.    

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You’re pretty good at finding people’s faults, Virgo, so when someone, probably a family member, asks you to cut them some slack this week, take it to heart. If there’s even a slight chance that you’ve been going too hard on someone, ease up. There will be plenty of drama for you to deal with over the weekend, but you don’t need to add to it by stating the obvious. Most people know their faults without you pointing them out.

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You’re feeling very ambitious with the new moon in your career zone this week, Libra, and you might be having some thoughts of regret, too. Like, what could you have accomplished if you had been a little more serious about your dreams and goals before this? Don’t get stuck in a negative mindset. The good news is that you’re focused now and ready to take on whatever comes. Go out and get what’s yours!

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You’ve got a lot going on in your head this week, Scorpio, and with the new moon in your ninth house of education and philosophy, learning all you can is important to you. Stretch your mind and imagination every chance you get, including talking to people with different views and opinions about the world. The more you disagree, the wider your perspective becomes. 

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How connected do you feel to the people around you? Sometimes you get so caught up in your own BS that you totally forget that everyone else has their own stuff going on, too. Take a minute this week to really listen to someone’s answer when you ask them how they are. Everyone has a story to tell, Sag, and you’re better off after hearing most of them.

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You usually avoid veering away from the original plan, Capricorn, but something is pulling you away from “normal” and directing you down a new path this week. And you don’t have to get too far off the trail to realize that life’s detours are quite beautiful when you keep an open mind. You still have responsibilities to take care of, but you won’t be sorry for taking time to enjoy life’s little glimmers, either.

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No one is ever going to accuse you of being overly sentimental, but there’s something in the air this week that’s making you get a little emotional. Just let it flow, Aquarius. The more you try to hold it back, the less successful you are at doing so. You’ll never regret telling someone close to you how much you love them or how much you care. Moments are fleeting, and things change in an instant. The connections you have with loved ones are the only things that matter now.

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You love peace more than almost any other sign, but this week you have to fight for it. Wait, how does that work? Let’s just say this: If you don’t make a focused effort not to let things get out of control, you’ll be in the middle of a hot mess before you know it. Put your procrastinating ways aside and stay on top of your game, Pisces. Otherwise, you’ll find yourself in an epic battle that you definitely don’t want to be a part of.

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