Weekly Horoscope: July 10–16, 2023

Weekly Horoscope: July 10–16, 2023

Whether you’re usually good at ignoring life’s little flaws and disappointments or not, you won’t be able to look the other way when tough Mars (the Warrior planet) moves into critical Virgo on Monday. It seems like everything is a battle now as you go on a quest for perfection during this forceful transit. If you don’t find a way to accept the things you cannot change, this will be a long few weeks!

Talkative Mercury (the chatterbox of the universe) moves into loud Leo on Monday as well, so you won’t want to shut up about your opinions. This can be a pretty deadly cosmic combo, especially for fast-reacting fire signs. This planetary perfect storm has you “telling it like it is,” which can be damaging to your close relationships. If you don’t find a way to dial back the drama, you’re going to have some serious regrets eventually.

Luckily Friday’s sextile between the sun (repping the center of our existence) and busy Uranus (the planet of innovation) is giving a more upbeat, creative energy that you can distract yourself with. Getting immersed in learning something new or a fun craft or DIY project takes your mind off some of the week’s earlier negative encounters and helps you focus on more positive things.

Your Zodiac Sign’s Weekly Horoscope


Your impatience with people reaches epic heights, Aries. You really have no empathy or need for anyone who doesn’t appear to be doing their absolute best — and you’re the judge of whether they are or not. Period. Your home planet Mars really is on the rampage, and you’re right there, fighting for what you see as a good (and necessary) cause. 

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You’re a very patient sign, Taurus, so when you start getting snappy early in the week, we know something is seriously wrong. Just navigate the drama as best you can and try to remember that everything doesn’t have to get done right now. Take advantage of every little distraction that’s offered over the weekend. You’re gonna need it!

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You’re usually pretty open-minded, Gemini, but this week you want things done in a very specific way at a certain time, and you’re not budging. The problem is, though, that the more pressure you put on people around you to live up to your high standards, the more tension there is — and nobody performs very well under pressure. If you ease up a little bit, you’ll find that things improve a lot. 

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There’s a lot of loud fire sign energy early in the week that you don’t exactly vibe with, Cancer, which can make you moodier than usual. It’s not as easy to go with the flow when you’re agitated and annoyed, so it might be difficult to snap yourself out of it. Give yourself something to look forward to over the weekend by planning a coffee date with a friend or binging a hot new series.

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It’s going to get extra loud early in the week when communicative Mercury pairs up with your extroverted sign. If there was ever a good time to say what’s really on your mind, it’s now. Just be prepared for a heated discussion, debate, or argument once you get whatever’s on your chest off of it. People might not be ready for your directness.

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There’s nothing wrong with trying to be better, do better, and want better for and from yourself, Virgo, but when you try to start dictating it for other people, that’s where the trouble comes in. As much as you want to tell the people in your life how they should be doing things, your criticism just isn’t welcome. Here’s an idea: You do you, and let everyone else worry about themselves.

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Most Libras are quiet and soft-spoken, so when you raise your voice about something this week, it must be serious. As the peacekeeper of the zodiac, you also prefer to stay neutral — until you can’t any longer. So, anything you make a fuss over must have really gotten to you, and that’s saying a lot. You’ll calm down by the end of the week, but until then, people better stay out of your way!

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Your high expectations reach new heights early this week, Scorpio, but unlike a lot of other times, you’re very vocal about them now. Your mysterious, secretive aura gives way to a louder, more transparent personality, which can be just as intimidating. When you express what’s on your mind, people won’t soon forget it. 

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There’s no reason to hold back this week, Sagittarius. Give an impromptu speech about your detailed expectations at a work meeting or express your true opinions about various family issues at the dinner table. You didn’t get where you are by being shy. You might have regrets, but they won’t be about what you didn’t say. 

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Being let down and disappointed are two worst-case scenarios this week, Capricorn. You’ve been very clear about what you expect, so why can’t people just comply? It’s pretty obvious that if you want something done right, you’re going to have to do it yourself, unfortunately. Clear your schedule. You’ve got a lot of work to do.

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Normally you love a good debate, but the critical vibe this week makes you feel like you know what’s best for everyone. Whether or not that’s true is yet TBD, but that doesn’t stop you from offering up your “advice” to everyone within earshot. Don’t be surprised when there’s negative feedback about your unsolicited comments. No one asked for them, Aquarius!

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You’re making some serious power moves early in the week, Pisces, but why does it feel so uncomfortable? Some people — like you — just weren’t cut out to be the loud, overbearing type. So, try to roll with the waves until you reach the weekend, when you can retreat back into your comfy introverted existence and mind your own business. And if you did any damage over the past few days, forgiveness is easy to ask for.

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