Weekly Horoscope: January 11 – 17, 2021

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On January 10, 2021

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Weekly Horoscope: January 11 – 17, 2021

The week starts on a positive note when Mercury in Aquarius conjoins Jupiter on Monday, bringing some good news in the areas of friendship and social issues. Keep the notifications on because some pleasant and surprising news might arrive via text, DM, or alert.

The new moon is in ambitious Capricorn on Tuesday, encouraging us to practice patience when it comes to personal goals and ambitions. It could be a little frustrating to feel we aren’t getting ahead as quickly as we’d like, but slow and steady wins the race!

Lastly, Uranus goes direct in Taurus on Thursday. While we usually breathe a sigh of relief when a planet moves forward, rebellious Uranus isn’t like other planets. After holding in our emotions, especially anger, Uranus moving direct allows us to let it all out. Just make sure todo it in healthy, non-destructive ways.

How the Planets Will Affect Your Zodiac Sign


Mercury and Jupiter conjoin in your friendship zone, Aries, making you thestar of your friend group this week. Try your best to reach out to oldconnections.

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Mercury is aligning withUranus in your sector of work and it might make you more inclined to say something you don’t mean at work.Watch yourself, Taurus!

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New perspectives are headed your way, Gemini—all thanks to Mercury and Jupiter coming together this week. This is the best timeto manifest things thatyou’ve been hoping for.

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Hey Cancer, there may be some conflicts around intimacy this week, thanks to Mercury and Uranus coming together. Don’t give all ofyourself away. Save some energy foryou.

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This week is full of romanticprospects, Leo. If you’re already in a partnership, now is the time to spice things up. The sun and Pluto connect later on that help you finish up lingering projects.

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Surprises may arise this week, Virgo. But don’t worry. These shake-ups are bound to bring new and better things into your life.

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When Mercury and Jupiter conjoinin your pleasure zone on Monday, you’ll be ready to express yourself in all new ways. This week, it’s best to break up the routine, Libra.

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Your communication is getting a boost, Scorpio. Use itto tell someone how you really feel. Over this week, it’s best tostay calm and don’t letpast fears getin the way of new relationships.

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Spending sprees are fun at first, Sagittarius. Thanks to the new moon, you might be spending more than you can handle. Don’t allow yourself togo overboard!

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Your week could be less fun than you want it to be. There’s some tension around spending extra money todo activities and staying in. Use this time to create new goals, Capricorn.

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Aquarius the rebel. You’re tapping into that Uranus energy and marching to your own drum. Try to express to those who are curious that you trust yourself and where you’re going.

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Friends are going to be the key this week, Pisces. Take time to reconnect with them. Allow yourself to be vulnerable so they can help you get through some bumps in the road.

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