January 2021 Capricorn New Moon Horoscopes

By Nina Kahn

On January 12, 2021

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January 2021 Capricorn New Moon Horoscopes

The January new moon in Capricorn on January 12, 2021 at 9:02pm PT marks the first major lunation of the year, and it offers a power boost to all of our shiny New Year goals. After the intensity of 2020, we can all look forward to this as a fresh start—as this grounding lunation helps set a solid foundation upon which we can build up our intentions through the year to come.

The new moon in pragmatic and hardworking Capricorn fixates us on tangible goals and strengthens our sense of discipline. This gives us a chance to get serious about what we want and get realistic about how we’re going to get it. We may have boundless dreams, but we’re only given a finite amount of time and energy to work with—so it’s a great time to do some self-reflection and figure out what endeavors you want to commit to.

Pluto (planet of power) aligns with this lunation, too, bolstering our desire for full control over our new moon plans. We won’t want to leave any stone unturned when it comes to clearing our path to conquer. However, Mars (planet of passion) squares off with ultra-responsible Saturn (planet of foundation) at the same time, which serves as a reality check to our power-hungry sense of determination. If we’re being unrealistic or searching for shortcuts, we’ll be reminded that patience is a necessary ingredient to our success. Rationalize your motives, organize your plans, and strategize for long-term achievements instead of short-term gratification. The strongest fortresses are built over time.

A romantic and surprise-filled Venus (planet of love)/Uranus (planet of surprises) trine also swoops in to remind us that there can be brand-new delights and thrilling opportunities waiting for us around every corner, even amidst the challenges. Just don’t let any of its shiny and sparkly tricks distract you from the grind of your new moon goals!

How the New Moon in Capricorn Will Affect Your Zodiac Sign

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Your career ambitions are high, Aries, and with the new moon in your house of public recognition, you have an opportunity to start building toward them now—so long as you’re willing to be thorough about your plan for success. Instead of looking for a loophole, commit to tackling your goals step-by-step. Do this even if it proves to be a challenge to your short reserve of patience. The pay-off will be worth it in the long run.


This new moon asks you to look off into the distance, toward your most starry-eyed aspirations, and start building a magical staircase that will allow you to access them. You may not be the risk-taking type, Taurus, but pushing your boundaries in a calculated way can help you reach new heights. Embrace your adventurous side with rationality by signing up for a class, planning a mind-expanding trip abroad, or saying yes to an unexpected opportunity.


Before you can manifest what you want in your life, Gemini, you need to make sure you’re in touch with all the complexities hidden on the inside. Are you comfortable admitting to your personal truths and owning up to the secrets that reside beneath the surface? This new moon offers you an opportunity to start building a bridge between your deepest emotional desires and your most tangible dreams.


With the new moon beginning a fresh cycle in your house of partnerships, Cancer, now’s an ideal time to check in with yourself about the functionality of closest relationships—whether that’s with your lover, your besties, or your boss. Are the power dynamics in balance or is one person doing the bulk of the heavy lifting? If you need to cut ties, make an apology, or adjust the give-and-take ratio of energy, this is your cosmic opportunity to create more mutually beneficial bonds.


 This new moon takes your New Year’s motivation and lights a fire under it, Leo, inspiring you to jump right into slaying whatever new wellness routine, career path, or positive habit you’ve set your mind to. The key to making your newfound discipline last beyond January’s fresh-start buzz is staying organized. By approaching your goals with a rational sense of structure, you’ll be able to maximize your time and make everything fit into your calendar for the long-term.


You typically take a no-nonsense approach to your goals, Virgo, but this lunation asks you to grant equal consideration to the desires in your heart. Without a healthy dose of joy and passion, your long-term plans simply won’t sparkle the way that they should—and you’ll be less likely to maintain the stamina necessary to see them through. Embrace the romantic and playful aspects of your dreams, and don’t be afraid to blend pleasure with practicality.


It’s time to settle down from the eclipse season shake-ups and strengthen your sense of security, Libra. With the new moon hitting your home and family sector of your chart, you’re being asked to start at your foundation—even if your goals extend far beyond this intimate part of your life. Clearing clutter in your home can clear your mind too, so get your living situation in order and create a sanctuary where you can start plotting out magic for the future.


This new moon is blossoming in your house of communication, Scorpio, meaning you have the power to make some important and long-lasting connections simply by sorting out the details of your day-to-day affairs. Now’s an ideal time to get your files organized and catch up on calls and texts, as there may be a sparkling opportunity shrouded in a mundane package. Keep your eyes peeled for a diamond in the rough of your inbox.


Capitalize on the energy that this lunation brings to your house of value, Sagittarius, and use it to make a game plan for your bank account. While you’re usually more spontaneous about your spending, now’s a great time to embrace a more frugal approach when assessing your resources. Commit to being extra-responsible with your cash now so you can create more freedom in your finances down the road.


New Year, new moon, and a new set of personal goals for you, Capricorn! With the year’s first lunar cycle kicking off in your sign, you have the power to visualize your goals in HD-level clarity—making it easy to see the holes in your plan and restructure them accordingly. Be confident in your ability to do things well and trust that you know exactly the steps necessary to carry your vision into reality.


With the new moon in your sleepy and spiritual twelfth house, Aquarius, it’s time to trust your inner visions and let your intuition guide you toward your next steps. It may not feel productive to hit the snooze button or spend the afternoon daydreaming but allowing your subconscious mind more freedom to explore will actually help you to crystallize your tangible plans. Don’t be afraid to slow your pace. Things will naturally pick up speed when the time is right.


Is your current crew supportive of your personal goals, Pisces, or are they hindering your forward-moving energy? With the new moon in your house of friendships and groups, you have an opportunity to bring people together in a new and powerful way and create a fresh sense of camaraderie in your life. Commit to fostering your positive relationships now and forming new connections that’ll bring out the best in you.

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