Weekly Horoscope: February 19–25, 2024

By Mary Bergner

On February 18, 2024

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Weekly Horoscope: February 19–25, 2024

As the planets align in a uniquely positive way this week, little sparks ignite around you and insert magical moments into normal, everyday activities.

Wednesday’s harmonious conjunction between Venus (the loving cosmic goddess) and Mars (the planet of passion) in engaging Aquarius is the first hint you get that something fab is about to happen, as unexpected connections and sudden attractions snap, crackle and pop right in front of your eyes. Embracing your uniqueness and finding people who appreciate your quirky charm keeps a huge smile on your face. 

On Thursday, Mercury (the thinking planet) enters imaginative Pisces, encouraging your intuition to take the lead. Listening to those gentle nudges and daydreams instead of dismissing them as unrealistic holds the key to unlocking hidden desires and opening the door to deeper intimacy. Fantasy and reality blur, adding to the magical vibe.

Saturday’s full moon (the celestial ruler of emotions) in honest Virgo also shines a light on hidden desires and initiates a time of decluttering your emotional landscape. Identifying unhealthy habits and attachments ultimately helps you align with your true beliefs and needs. Perfection is an illusion, but you feel like you’re getting pretty close. 

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You might feel more sensitive to other people’s emotions as well as your own, which is a true gift. Being able to connect with others on a deeper level helps you understand your own needs better and furthers your emotional development. If things become emotionally overwhelming, though, Aries, find healthy outlets like going to the gym, spending time with friends, or getting creative.

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Your natural charm and grounded approach to communication are amplified, drawing interesting people and innovative ideas into your orbit this week. Whether you’re attending social events, joining online communities/IRL clubs or just reconnecting with old friends, you’ll find yourself making meaningful connections and easily expanding your personal network, Taurus.

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Are you ready to shine this week, Gemini? Your communication skills are on point, making you appear articulate and persuasive. You’re also a natural leader in group settings, so don’t shy away from expressing your ideas. They’ll be met with receptive ears this time, we promise! Networking your way to new opportunities and negotiating with confidence are your superpowers!

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It’s time to expand your universe—literally! This week’s cosmic energy encourages you to spend time stargazing and exploring the night sky, staying especially in tune with your lovely leader, the moon. The vastness of the universe can spark awe and wonder now, reminding you of the infinite possibilities for learning and exploration. The only limits are the ones you put on yourself, Cancer.

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The deeper you’re willing to go, the more intense things get. The conversations you have this week are life-changing, Leo, especially when you let go of your inhibitions. Discussions about profound topics like power, intimacy, and transformation help unlock hidden desires and vulnerabilities that lead to personal growth. Be as open as you dare.

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So maybe you aren’t known for your loud, outgoing personality. But your friendly, approachable social skills might surprise you—and the people closest to you—this week. As you’re drawn to connecting with others while attending various work or community events, you feel your self-doubt and shyness fade away. Sincere networking leads to genuine business connections and valuable new friendships.

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You always manage to impress people with your charm. However, this week, you get the added bonus of channeling your inner artist to create beautiful visual representations of your personal goals, work assignments/schedules and health routines that others are in awe of. Making an aesthetically pleasing vision board representing your dreams can boost your motivation and enjoyment of the process of self-improvement, Libra.

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Even though you’re a fixed sign, no one can accuse you of being stuck this week. With Mercury igniting your creative spark, you’re pushed to explore new avenues of expression, with stellar results. Whether it’s painting, writing, making music or trying a new sport/hobby, you might surprise yourself (and others) with your willingness to explore your hidden talents and artistic potential, Scorpio.

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Sag, for you this week is all about getting comfy in your personal space. Use this planetary energy to deepen family connections, unleash your creativity and design a safe home space that reflects your authentic self. Once you embrace this domestic shift, you’ll discover hidden treasures that not only improve your home life, but also your general well-being.

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Once you’re curious about something, like you are this week, you can’t wait to learn all that you can about it. You’re beyond eager to soak up new info now, Capricorn, so read books, listen to podcasts and watch as many documentaries as possible. Expanding your horizons by exploring topics outside your usual comfort zone helps you discover a hidden passion or valuable new skills. Knowledge is power.

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You have a high sense of self-worth this week, Aquarius, and your insightful conversations about finances and other resources add to your personal value. Brainstorming about innovative financial strategies, discussing earth-conscious topics and having intellectual debates about ethics, etc., are all ways you’re both persuasive and impressive. Your unique perspective is priceless!

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Balance is an important part of your happiness this week, Pisces. You might be feeling a little less shy and introspective now, but just because you crave meaningful connections and stimulating conversations one minute doesn’t mean that you won’t want quiet time for self-reflection the next. You can honor both these needs by connecting with kindred spirits who understand and respect your right to change your mind.

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