Weekly Horoscope: December 4–10, 2023

By Mary Bergner

On December 3, 2023

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Weekly Horoscope: December 4–10, 2023

Do you enjoy solving mysteries? Because as alluring Venus (the responsive planet) partners with secretive, seductive Scorpio on Monday, life definitely gets more cryptic. It seems that there are endless questions to ask, puzzles to solve and webs to untangle this week, but the payoff for your detective work could be priceless. Are you up for it?

On Wednesday, intuitive Neptune (the cosmic solution seeker) is still traveling with dreamy Pisces as it leaves its retrograde position and re-establishes its forward motion, putting you in an idealistic, optimistic mood. Deep down, you know that everything isn’t perfect, but is it really so bad to pretend it is, if even just a little while?

The weekend brings an opposition between money goddess Venus in regenerative Scorpio and opportunistic Jupiter (our cosmic symbol of success) in cosmic consumer Taurus that could have you caught up in an internal battle of wills. Can you find happiness by pursuing materialistic pleasures, or does true joy only come from within? That’s something to ponder as the holiday season gets into full swing.

Your Zodiac Sign’s Weekly Horoscope


The chemistry between you and an attractive stranger is impossible to ignore this week, Aries. When you experience intensity on this level, there’s almost always a reason. This new connection isn’t necessarily romantic, but it is meant to be. Destiny is calling. 

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You’re ready to deepen your commitment to someone or something without knowing why this week, Taurus. You feel karmically linked to a new adventure, and the draw is impossible to ignore. This is a great time to start new partnerships or expand old ones, especially when you find yourself just serendipitously bumping into someone. Hint: There are no coincidences now.

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You’d love to fall for the “meant to be” magic happening all around you this week, Gemini, but you’re much too logical to accept things without a reason. If a relationship or project doesn’t make sense to you, you need to explore the hell out of it until it does. Some people might think you’re being a buzzkill, but you’d rather know something for sure than just go on blind faith.

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Your romance zone is hit with inexplicable yet undeniable forcefulness this week, Cancer, which means you won’t be bored. Finding out you have a secret admirer adds a lot of drama to your love life, especially if you already have a plus one. It’s not your fault that you’re attracting attention — is it? Either way, it’s fun to be adored, even if it is from afar.

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With steady Venus energy in your committed fourth house, you’re looking for security. It’s frustrating not to be able to find out details regarding a possible new relationship or potential growth in a current partnership. Still, clear answers aren’t easy to come by right now. Do some digging, Leo. You’ll find out what you want to know eventually, but you might be ruining someone’s surprise by playing private eye.

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With Venus in your communications zone this week, Virgo, you’re looking for complete and total mental stimulation. You love connecting on an intellectual level both at work and in your personal life, and anyone who challenges you to think differently is intriguing AF. You might not be ready to change your mind completely, but you’re very tempted by persuasive people.

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There’s a lot of energy in your second house this week, which means your finances get a lot of attention. When there’s uncertainty and intrigue around your love life, that’s one thing – but when your money is involved, you aren’t as thrilled by being kept in the dark. This isn’t a good time to make any major financial moves, Libra. Just sit tight until you can find out more information.

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You’re pretty much irresistible now, Scorpio. We would just pronounce you the winner right here and now, but you’re ready to keep the game going for as long as possible. Remember, though – just because you have the power to drive someone wild with desire doesn’t mean you should. Yes, you’re beyond mesmerizing, but there’s no reason to be manipulative, too. 

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What’s this, Sag — is your shy side showing for a change?! Your fiery personality means that you’re usually not afraid to approach people. But right now, you’re kind of unsure of yourself, which is lowkey adorable. Feeling karmically linked to a person or situation helps, but it’s not enough. You need extra reassurance before you take the next step, and there’s nothing wrong with that. 

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Your social life is in the spotlight this week, so expect some mystery and intrigue surrounding new connections and the expansion of your friend group. This is also an excellent time to explore turning platonic relationships into something more — if you dare. Nothing is a sure thing now, Capricorn, which is why there’s so much electricity, anticipation, and uncertainty in the air.

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This week’s haze hits you in the career zone, which isn’t ideal. Being on pins and needles while waiting for news about your job isn’t that much fun, but there are also positive aspects of this mysterious energy as well. Maybe you’ll be chosen to head up a work event in an exotic location, or maybe you’ll meet someone on the job who piques your interest romantically. It helps not to have any expectations, Aquarius. Whatever happens, happens.

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Having more questions than answers would normally make you nervous, Pisces, but this week’s ambiguity is something to be excited about. We promise! With this alluring, shadowy force landing in your adventure zone, you can’t go wrong. No matter what location you travel to, who you find yourself with, or what you end up doing, it gives you an amazing memory and maybe a life lesson, too. The only requirement is that you keep an open mind!

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