Weekly Horoscope: December 25–31, 2023

By Mary Bergner

On December 24, 2023

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Weekly Horoscope: December 25–31, 2023

There’s a full week of significant planetary movements ahead, which could have you feeling anxious about the emotional roller coaster ride you’re about to take. But don’t worry; we’re happy to guide you to the extreme ups and downs you may experience over the next several days.

A full moon (our emotionally charged cosmic mama) in moody Cancer arrives on Tuesday, giving off nostalgic vibes. Tuesday also brings the healing energy of Chiron moving direct while in forceful Aries, though, which ensures the start of an important healing journey that will help you forget about past mistakes and regrets so that you can have happier tomorrows.

On Friday, the partnership between Venus (our roaming love leader) and exciting Sagittarius cranks up the romantic adventure, upping your heart rate as you run on pure adrenaline from one minute to the next. You never know what this cosmic duo might produce, and because relationships are its focus, possibilities linked to rekindling things with an ex or getting serious with your current boo will have your heart racing with anticipation.

On Saturday, Jupiter (the planet of expansion) goes direct while in earthy Taurus, grounding you and bringing your pulse back into a normal range. This is the last stop on your week’s cosmic journey, giving you the chance to catch your breath and prepare for what’s ahead. You’re once again dedicated to your responsibilities, and the new year looks bright because of your renewed interest in creating a stable, secure future for you and yours.

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Some strong lunar energy in your house of family life urges you to turn your attention away from whatever has been distracting you lately — most likely your job — and direct it toward what’s going on at home. You can definitely expect some drama and turbulence in this area this week but never a dull moment is kind of your motto.

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With everything else going on this week, Taurus, there’s a lot of focus on toning down the restlessness you’ve been feeling. At heart, you’re a serious, reasonable person, and some areas of your life have been getting too far out of control lately. So what if what other people call boring feels comfortable and good to you. #YouDoYou

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Sharing might be a problem for you this week, Gemini, so why not decide to take a what’s mine is yours approach from the start? If these last couple of weeks have been dominated by annoying control issues, it will feel good to let go now and just give things over to the universe, especially financial matters. It will all work out eventually.

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Hosting your illuminating leader’s full phase this week has you walking on cloud nine. The main focus is on you and your own issues, which can feel heavenly after taking care of others for so long. You do count, Cancer — and you do matter. If you’ve lost sight of your self-worth lately, this is your giant cosmic reminder that you’re pretty amazing.

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Normally, you love to be in the spotlight amidst all the drama, but if you’re feeling overwhelmed by it all this week, Leo, slip away from the crowd and take some time to yourself. Getting lost in everyday tasks (yes, those same ones you usually complain about being sooo boring) can ground you and help tether you to something familiar and safe when you feel like things are too far out of control.

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What role do you play in other people’s lives, Virgo? If you’ve been off doing your own thing lately, someone has been missing you. A partner, friend, sibling, or parent feels neglected, but they would never complain about it to you. If you think about it, though, it’s obvious. You won’t regret taking some time out of your hectic schedule to make a loved one feel special.

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The last thing you probably want to cram into your busy week is another work project, but a new assignment or forgotten deadline makes it impossible to ignore your job entirely. Even if you’re technically on vacation, take the time to handle unfinished business, Libra. You’ll sleep a lot better once you’ve taken care of the details.  

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Your faith gets you through another stressful week, Scorpio. There’s a reason you’ve been praying, meditating, exercising more, or getting energy from whatever your chosen higher power source is lately. When your mind and body are craving balance, find a way to give it to them. You’ll be rewarded for your attentiveness.

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This week has a lot of give and take, so you’ll have to find a way to put your wishes and desires aside while you mediate and compromise. Nothing is set in stone, especially regarding your finances, and you may have to be willing to reach a settlement for less than you think you deserve to get any money at all. #SomethingIsBetterThanNothing

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It’s not all about you this week, Capricorn. It might take a minute for that to sink in, but eventually, you’ll start to understand that your relationships with and connections to others are more important than proving yourself. This is a good time to accept help with something, even if you can do it yourself. It means the world to someone close to you (especially a parent or grandparent) to know that you still need them.  

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This could be the week you finally stick to your word, Aquarius! You’ve had a hard time sticking to a schedule lately due to a bunch of different reasons, but the energy around you now is stabilizing and steady. What have you been putting off? It’s not too early to come up with and start working on those New Year’s resolutions.

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If you’ve had a hard time letting go and just having some fun this holiday season, this is your week to finally do something that makes you happy, Pisces! Your creativity reaches new heights, which helps you come up with some interesting and romantic ways to spend your spare time. If you’ve been considering picking up a sport or hobby, this is a great time to master something new!   

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