Weekly Horoscope: December 12–18, 2022

By Mary Bergner

On December 11, 2022

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Weekly Horoscope: December 12–18, 2022

This week’s cosmic roller coaster has you experiencing a lot of ups and downs! You’re ready to go on Monday, as an energetic sextile between the outgoing Leo moon (our emotional guide) and feisty Mars (the cosmic warrior) gets you ready to face another busy week. Still, this upbeat vibe won’t stick around for long.

Tuesday hits a little differently. The struggle is real as your enthusiasm gets trampled by an energy-zapping opposition between the emotional moon and ambitious Saturn (the planet with big boss vibes). You know you have a lot to do (especially at work), but your heart just isn’t in it. Luckily, later in the day, a comforting trine between the optimistic sun (the planet of “I”) and lovely Luna makes sure that you have some downtime so you can enjoy at least part of the day.

A square-off between the moon and Mars on Thursday makes it hard to get motivated again. So, getting tasks, even little ones, crossed off your to-do list is a huge chore. You’d love to get this stuff done alone, but remember that it’s okay to ask for help when you need it.

Conflicted emotions are unavoidable over the weekend because of Saturday’s moon-Venus (our glamorous love goddess) square and Sunday’s lunar connections to Saturn and the sun, all of which leave you confused about how to feel. But don’t be too hard on yourself. You don’t have to have it all figured out; you just have to be willing to ride the waves until you hit calmer seas.

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Your hot-tempered leader Mars throws you right in the middle of things from the get-go this week, Aries, but jumping to conclusions without getting the whole story won’t work to your advantage. When things go south, you just know you’re angry, but you don’t necessarily know what or who you’re angry with. And lashing out at the wrong people is a big cosmic no-no right now.

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If there was ever a time you needed that famous Taurean patience, it’s this week. Half the time you aren’t sure if you’re coming or going, so it really helps you be able to look at things from a logical, grounded point of view. While all your friends, coworkers, and family are panicking in the midst of the cosmic chaos, you’re calmly going about your business. What’s your secret?!

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You’re lucky that you let most drama slide past you on the surface, Gemini, because if you were someone who let things get to them, you would not be happy this week. Of course, you have feelings and emotions, too, so naturally, you’re going to be bothered by some of what occurs this week, but as a breezy air sign, you’re more likely to let it go easier than some other signs. Enjoy that ability to detach when necessary.

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Your emotions are always on the surface, ready to pool up in a teary mess. So, this week you better have the tissues handy! Your lovely leader the moon is extremely active as usual, getting into a lot of tangles with the bigger planets and affecting your life on a minute-to-minute basis. Try not to let yourself get overwhelmed so easily, Cancer. Avoid catastrophic thinking as much as possible because worst-case scenarios rarely materialize.

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You tend to let your ego prevent you from asking for help when you really need it, Leo, but if you were ever going to enlist assistance from the people in your life, this would be the week to do it. And try to reach out before you get so buried in your pile of problems that it will be impossible for anyone to notice that you’re about to hit bottom. The quicker you admit that maybe you don’t have it all handled on your own, the better.  

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Virgo, your ability to stay on task despite what’s happening around you this week is admirable. That being said, don’t feel like you need to put on a brave face if you’re really crumbling on the inside. You’re doing your best, but stress gets to everyone. Besides, the people who know you well can tell there’s something wrong. And if you say there isn’t, they’ll know you’re lying.

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Your steady sign is able to weather this week’s ups and downs better than most, Libra. However, that doesn’t mean you’ll come out of it all totally unscathed. Your main challenge is not to feel taken advantage of when everyone comes to you with their problems. Yes, you’re an excellent mediator and solution-finder, but you can’t help everyone and still maintain that famous balance you’re known for. You’ll have to say no at some point.

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Are you really as calm and strong on the inside as you appear to be on the outside? Well, as chaos swirls around you this week, the answer is yes and no. Overall, you’re confident that you can handle whatever the universe throws at you. Still, you have moments when you wonder how you’re going to get out of yet another jam. If your astrological glyph weren’t a Scorpion, it would probably be a rock. You’re that solid in a crisis.

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Grab whatever energy you can harness at the start of the week and store it away for safekeeping because you’ll need it as the week goes on. Everyone knows you love a good adventure, but your freewheeling good times will inevitably be cut short by work, family responsibilities, and other fun stuff like that. When you feel your light start to dim, though, Sag, remember that you have always had those energy reserves to tap into to lighten up those darker times.

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Your serious leader Saturn makes a couple of major appearances in the planetary forecast this week, Capricorn. So, you’ll inevitably be feeling a greater amount of pressure to be successful amidst everything else that’s going on. Whether that pressure comes from you or from outside forces like your family or an employer, it’s still very real. Set some realistic goals so that you have something to celebrate when you reach them. You’ll need positive reassurance to keep you motivated.

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You know that big social network you’ve worked so hard to put together? You’re going to need it this week, Aquarius. Having various experts and VIPs on speed dial can really help you get out of any trouble you find yourself in, as well as assist you in putting together like-minded groups of people that can do a lot of good for your community. There’s a lot that can go wrong this week, so you’re super lucky to have the right connections.

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You’d prefer to look the other way when bad things happen, but your intuition tells you that ignoring the obvious won’t work to your advantage this week. Good decision, Pisces, because the longer you put off the unpleasantness, the longer it will stick around, hanging over your head and making your world a darker, sadder place. Even if you aren’t up to dealing with every little obstacle the Universe puts in your way, you’ll sleep better knowing you at least did something.

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