Weekly Horoscope: August 29 to September 5, 2022

By Mary Bergner

On August 28, 2022

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Weekly Horoscope: August 29 to September 5, 2022

You knew you’d have to eventually come down from the cloud you’ve been floating on, right?! Welcome to a new week filled with some heavy cosmic events that feel like they were created just to kill your buzz. At least to you get to ease into it as the mentally focused conjunction between the moon (representing our soul-searching selves) and Mercury (the planetary master of thoughts) trines powerful Mars (our ready, set, action! planetary director) on Monday and reminds you that you do have some mental reserves you can use when things become a little too much to deal with

An intense square between aggressive Mars and moody Pluto (the regenerative planet) comes at you on Wednesday, causing clashes with anyone who wants to challenge your actions/beliefs. You might feel like you know it all, but in reality, you still have so much to learn. You’ll be doing that the hard way now, though, because listening to people and taking their advice is the last thing you want to do.

Friday’s opposition between vocal Mercury and educated Jupiter (the planet in charge of mind expansion) encourages people to just blurt out the first thing they think of, and hearing raw, unfiltered opinions isn’t always easy. You’re guilty of “telling it like it is” now as well, which can create a lot of tense, awkward situations both personally and professionally.

You can ignore a lot of what’s been wreaking havoc on your life during Sunday’s moon-Neptune (the dream-producing planet) square but deep down, you know ignorance isn’t a long-term solution. For now, you’re somewhat powerless to resist the distractions that this aspect temps you with, but you can’t totally tune out the knowledge that the nasty dirt isn’t gone; it’s just been swept under the rug.

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You like to steamroll your feelings and act like you can deal with anything, but this week’s cosmic load might be too heavy for you to act like it isn’t crushing you. Your uber-competitive side pushes you to fight to show that you can handle it, but sometimes we all need a little help, Aries – even you. When you get stressed — and you will — don’t pretend it isn’t happening. Accepting help isn’t a form of weakness.

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As an earth sign you can usually use your logical perspective to intervene when stress levels soar but as emotions also run high this week you might not be able to rely on your usual coping mechanisms. Luckily, Taurus, an advanced sense of intuition guides you through the murky waters of the week’s most confusing moments and helps you see things more clearly.

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Gemini, your significant brain power usually helps you work through problems and come up with effective solutions to life’s problems but when you’re faced with too many options this week, things get complicated quickly. Your biggest challenge will be keeping your thoughts to yourself; sharing ideas is great until you open your mouth and offend someone with your sarcasm or condescension!

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There’s no easy way to put this, Cancer – you’re gonna get your feelings hurt this week. Probably a lot. Unfortunate misunderstandings and unavoidable misinterpretations account for a lot of your problems but there might also be some people who are out to bring you down intentionally. It would be nice if the universe could just give you a general warning to avoid strangers but during this week’s planetary drama, the people closest to you actually have the potential to do the most damage. Watch your back. 

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If you’ve been loving your exciting fire sign life lately and not worrying about much of anything, the weight of this heavy emotional week is gonna hit you hard, Leo. This is a rough time for your ego to let you down but there will be many moments when you feel like your sense of confidence has totally ghosted you, along with your self-esteem and even the support from your closest friends. You’ll really need to draw on your inner strength to make it through your darkest hours.

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You’re an expert at distracting yourself with work, and your sense of purpose is what gets you through the planetary chaos that makes this week a real b*tch! It’s natural for other more excitable signs to get caught up in everything that’s going on now, which makes your ability to keep your head down and focus on the tasks at hand seem so miraculous. You might feel like your heart’s going a million beats per minute, Virgo, but no one would ever know it. Your outer calmness gives nothing away about whatever panic you might feel inside. 

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As you strive to keep your balanced perspective this week, the Universe might appear as though it’s intentionally trying to tip your scales in one life-altering direction or another. Luckily, Libra, you’re pretty good at keeping your equilibrium even when things seem super unfair. So yes, be on the lookout for things to go sideways pretty easily but also have faith in your airy ability to adapt and find alternative ways to deal with the Universe’s inevitable ups and downs.    

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The clouds have been rolling in for quite some time, Scorpio, and it might be hard for you to avoid the inescapable storm that you’ve sensed is headed your way. And if that wasn’t enough, your two co-rulers square off against each other midweek, creating even more pressure and apprehension. Your dark mood makes you extremely unapproachable and those who do decide to engage with you will probably walk away wishing they hadn’t. Our best advice is to avoid passive-aggressive behavior at all costs, not that you’ll take that to heart or anything.

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If you feel like you’re not thinking clearly, you’re not alone, Sag! A lot of people will be affected by this week’s planetary traffic jam, but just stepping harder on the accelerator won’t help you get where you want to go any faster. Working on figuring alternate routes will be your biggest challenge, and if that means pumping the brakes, getting off the expressway and/or taking some side streets, then that’s what you’ll have to do. Getting there first isn’t the only thing that matters.

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As a logical earth sign you value steadiness and consistency but it’s hard to keep your feet firmly planted when it feels like so many things are working hard to keep you from being grounded. Yes, this week’s planetary events that seem intent on shaking things up, and going to the approaches and strategies you can usually count on to keep you on the path to success might not work, so now what? This is “fake it ‘til you make it” energy, Capricorn. The longer you keep up a calm façade and convince people you know what you’re doing, the sooner that will actually be true.

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You’re one of the few signs who embraces this week’s chaos and looks at it as an opportunity to innovate and make some necessary changes, Aquarius. You might not be able to make as much progress as you’d like, but you’re a lot more willing to roll with the waves than a lot of your other zodiac mates. If one way doesn’t work out, you’re ready to pivot on to the next thing. It doesn’t hurt that you’re not overly attached to any of your ideas and experiments; your ability not to take rejection personally keeps you afloat while others sink.  

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You’re one of the best of the best when it comes to ignoring reality, but it catches up with you this week, Pisces. Looking the other way won’t really solve much as the weight of the things you’ve been pushing aside hit you with their full force, but looking forward to better days should keep you from getting hurt too badly by these cosmic blindsides. Your best moments come when you’re asleep, peacefully immersed in the wonderful, magical dreamworld that your subconscious graciously creates for you on a regular basis.

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