Weekly Horoscope: April 26 – May 2, 2021

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On April 25, 2021

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Weekly Horoscope: April 26 – May 2, 2021

This week could bring big transformations into your life, so get ready for some reflection and growth. It all begins when the full moon is in mysterious and intense Scorpio on Monday. This is a powerful day as we move from one phase of life to another. However, during this transition, deeply buried issues may surface and demand attention. Work on those issues instead of shoving them back into hiding.

The theme of reflection continues when Pluto (planet of transformation) retrogrades in Capricorn on Tuesday. This retrograde gives us five whole months to review all the lessons we’ve learned since the last retrograde. Note those lessons and move on.

Fortunately, May begins on a romantic note when Venus (planet of love) in Taurus sextiles Neptune (planet of illusion) in Pisces on Sunday, increasing the sensitivity and affection in romantic relationships. This is a great day to get active by dancing, singing, exercising, or just moving your body. Feel good in your own skin!

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The full moon is occurring in an intimate part of your chart, Aries. It might be a good time to get a little sexy with your partner. Over the weekend, try not to overspend.

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The full moon is pushing you to make some changes! Try to take a little leap of faith. You might be glad you did. Pluto turns retrograde in your philosophy zone on Tuesday, so you may be reflecting on what you’ve learned.

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The full moon is encouraging you to take a look at your health. What needs more balance, Gemini? Perhaps switching up your diet or taking a workout class would benefit you.

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Thanks to the full moon in your pleasure zone, you’re feeling a little frisky, Cancer. Use this time to have fun with your lover. Over the weekend, Venus makes a sextile with Neptune—which is a great time to plan a date.

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Leo, you’re feeling a little resentful. Everyone better step aside! On Tuesday, when Pluto turns retrograde in your health zone, it’s time to work harder on creating a healthier you. And over the weekend, try to dive into a passion project.

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Oh, Virgo, we know you don’t always like to speak up. But now that the full moon is highlighting your communication zone, there are some issues with keeping it all in. Thankfully, Pluto turning retrograde can help you with self-expression. Let the real feelings flow.

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The full moon is floating through your value sector, making it all too easy to spend. Pluto is retrograding through your family zone too—so, beware of letting your true feelings out without a filter. Over the weekend, it might be smart to work on goals for the future, Libra.

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The full moon is shining on new beginnings for you, Scorpio. Are you ready to take things to the next level? Over the weekend, talking out your issues will allow things to be come clearer.

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The full moon is highlighting some very intimate parts of your wellbeing, Sagittarius. So, it might be a bit of a powerful week. Pluto is turning retrograde in your finances, where you’ll be reflecting on money and how you earn it.

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Being a Capricorn is a great thing this week! The full moon is making all your dreams come true. To really get the most out of this moon, try a moon ritual. This weekend also brings a fresh start.

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A new job, raise, or a great career opportunity is coming your way—thanks to the full moon in Scorpio, Aquarius! Finally, your rebellious side is likely to come out over the weekend. This is all about redefining who you are, apart from who your family says you are.

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Monday brings mysterious and interesting territory when the full moon sheds some light on hidden secrets. Get ready to hear something you might not like, Pisces. The weekend brings some romance though—enjoy!

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