Weekly Horoscope: April 22–28, 2024

By Mary Bergner

On April 21, 2024

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Weekly Horoscope: April 22–28, 2024

Here we go again! Even though we just got off of one turbulent cosmic roller coaster, this week hands you a ticket to yet another bumpy planetary ride! Get ready for the exciting and scary ups and downs that have you navigating your complicated emotions on the daily.

Tuesday’s full moon (our emotional nurturer) in earthy Taurus highlights the eternal pull between the desire for wealth and the lack of motivation, leaving you feeling dissatisfied as you struggle to get out of the same comfortable rut. Can you be happy craving the finer things in life if you also cling stubbornly to familiar routines? If you can’t get out of your comfort zone during this lunation, find a way to appreciate the beauty of what you already have.

You can look forward to Mercury (the planetary spokesperson) going direct while paired with Aries on Thursday, bringing clear communication and the desire to take action. Previous travel/tech frustrations are finally starting to fade, and misunderstandings/miscommunications are on their way to being resolved. It’s time to move forward with plans you put on hold over the last couple of weeks. 

Sunday brings a charged conjunction between Mars (the intense one) and Neptune (the otherworldly one) in sensitive Pisces that promotes creativity and inspiration. This intense meetup can stir up a lot of emotions, so try to channel as much energy as possible into artistic endeavors or pursue compassionate causes so that you don’t get lost in unrealistic fantasies or overidealized situations. Your dreams matter, but obsessing over them is counterproductive.

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This week is about quieting the loud voices and doing some inner reflection, Aries. Your subconscious is highlighted. As you experience vivid dreams, revisit past hurts, and uncover hidden desires, it’s time to embrace the positive and let go of excess negative baggage holding you back. Release it and forget.

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With your self-image and identity in the spotlight this week, you’ll be spending a lot of time thinking about your self-worth. Re-evaluate your goals and how they relate to your overall sense of self. It’ll help you figure out what you need to find true happiness. Embracing your authentic self and projecting that image to the world is the goal, Taurus.

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How is your relationship to money, Gemini? If you aren’t comfortable thinking and talking about your finances, you could get stressed this week. It’s important to make sure that your spending habits are aligned with your values and long-term goals, especially if you’re on a quest for wealth. Better budgeting or increasing your income (with a raise or side hustle) should be top priorities.

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Cancer, communication and learning are the themes of the week for you. Interacting with others and working as part of a team to create new projects and explore innovative ideas helps you get over your shyness. Be mindful of negative thought patterns and how they keep you from having stimulating conversations that can educate and entertain you. Explore whatever you’re curious about!

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This week’s main energy shines a light on your home environment and emotions that come with it, Leo—fun stuff, right? It can be but addressing difficult/dysfunctional family issues can also be extremely stressful. Focusing on redecorating a room, tackling a DIY project, or getting a new appliance is easy, but creating a more comfortable home space should be a lower priority than maintaining peace amongst the other members of your home.

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Make time in your strict schedule to express your creative side this week, Virgo. Once you get your priorities out of the way, you can relax and spend your downtime exploring more artistic, less organized pursuits. It’s great to balance your responsibilities by taking up a new hobby or just enjoying some fun with friends.

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How is your everyday routine working for you, Libra? This week is a good time to assess and evaluate your daily tasks (with a special emphasis on health habits). Focusing on eating better, getting more sleep/exercise might not be exciting or glamorous, but adopting healthier practices improves your overall quality of life. And that’s exciting, right?

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Your relationship zone is hit hard with this week’s cosmic energy, so you’ll be thinking about the value of balance within your close circle of friends. Are you doing a lot of giving while someone else is mainly taking? If you have questions/concerns, Scorpio, address them with the other person directly. Open communication and honesty are key to settling both little tiffs and major arguments.

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What are you afraid of? If something has been holding you back, this week offers you a chance for a complete emotional overhaul. Facing your fears can lead to some very amazing transformational moments, Sag. Be open to being vulnerable, especially around someone who can help you get over your anxiety if you would just open up to them.

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When is the last time you re-evaluated your core beliefs? Taking a philosophical outlook this week leads you to some amazing ah-ha moments. This is a powerful time for personal growth, including traveling, meeting new people and exploring new cultures, Capricorn. Sometimes you have to get out of your comfort zone to learn who you truly are.

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Are you aware of how other people see you? And do you really care?! While we know you’re probably not overly concerned with your reputation, it’s actually important to make a good impression on people who matter this week. Like it or not, your career aspirations and public image depend on you projecting yourself in an authentic, professional way. Fake it if you have to, Aquarius!

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Have fun connecting with friends and interacting with various social groups this week, Pisces. Although you’re one of the most introverted signs, feeling like you’re part of a community (even if it’s just you and your bestie) is important. Focus on building a supportive network and contributing your time/talents to a cause you believe in.

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