Neptune Retrograde Will Be Most Difficult for These 4 Signs

By Laura Bolt

On June 20, 2019

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Neptune Retrograde Will Be Most Difficult for These 4 Signs

On June 21, 2019, Neptune turns retrograde. Not only will it be in one of the most emotional zodiac signs: Pisces, but it’ll also bring major energetic shifts because this is Pisces’s ruling planet. The next few months will be a period for creativity and self-expression, but things may also not be as they seem. This whimsical period could make us a little more disillusioned than normal, and will be difficult for a few not-so-emotional signs (*ahem* earth signs), as well as a more surprising sign.

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How Long Will Neptune Retrograde Last?

This Neptune retrograde will start on June 21, 2019 at 7:36 am and will remain retrograde until November 27, 2019 at 4:32 am.

Which Signs Will Neptune Retrograde Affect the Most?

Most intense for: Pisces

Most challenging for: Virgo (and other earth signs, but particularly Virgo)

Most beneficial for: Sagittarius

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How Does Neptune Retrograde Behave in Pisces? 

Unlike speedy Mercury, Neptune (planet of illusion) has a relatively slow transit, spending about 14 years in each sign. This slow motion makes things a bit more subtle and less hectic, but no less powerful.

Plus, when amplified by its home placement, Neptune in Pisces means we’re at peak fantasy! But this doesn’t mean we can’t tell reality from fiction. Think of Neptune in Pisces as the ultimate masquerade ball: magical, beautiful, mysterious—but difficult to tell what’s what.

When retrograde, Neptune in Pisces gives us a chance to really examine that mystery—not just the masks we see in the world, but the masks we hide behind ourselves. Issues of distraction and addiction are at play here, forcing us to examine the ways we choose to escape. How can we be more present, and make healthier choices? Neptune also teaches us to use our attraction to mystery to ignite our creativity—this is a particularly inspiring time to make an artistic breakthrough, or simply try your hand at a new medium. Self-expression during this time might come more as poetry than clear cut conversation, but that is still valid and important.

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Important Aspects to Remember During This Neptune Retrograde

Neptune enters retrograde square to Jupiter (planet of luck), a rare position that shows us that our artistic expression needs structure and discipline to be realized. This placement is important because it underscores the importance of facing this retrograde without indulging in unhealthy patterns or habits. In July, Venus (planet of love) trine Neptune makes for some solid daydreaming. In August, both Venus and Mercury will be biquintile to Neptune, helping you to both find your artistic voice and express it to others—this is a good time to be creative. In September, Mercury will oppose Neptune, which may possibly create some dischord in your relationships. By mid October, expect to be enveloped by a sense of mezmerzing glamour as Mercury is trine Neptune.

What Your Sign Can Expect When Neptune Is Retrograde

dorian legret art

Courtesy of @dorianlegret


As the baby of the zodiac, you might think Aries would be game to indulge in a little make belief, but that’s not quite the case. The Ram like things clear, clean cut, and fast. Sorting through obscured information is not your style, but during Neptune Retrograde, you might have to get comfortable slowing down and learning to read between the lines. You’re a natural leader, but this is a time to focus on yourself. Feeling secure in the quiet downtimes is difficult for you, but this is an important time to work on that. Carving out space in your mind for quiet times will ultimately help you find a deeper sense of peace.


Since Taurus’s ruling planet, Venus, is also one that prioritizes beauty and magic, your sensual nature and appreciation of luxury is a natural fit for this ethereal time. However, you’ll need to be careful not to get lost in the woods here. Remember, during Neptune retrograde things are not always as they seem. It’s important for you to stay grounded and cultivate your natural sense of reason and practicality. As an earth sign, you feel intimately connected to nature. Making time to get outside for a hike, picnic, or even just some quiet meditation is a great tool during this time.

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You’re a natural enigma, Gemini, so Neptune retrograde feels right at home to you. Your challenge is to find new ways to connect. Ruled by communicative Mercury, you’re used to getting to the root of things through conversation. During Neptune retrograde however, speech is a little looser, and people might not always mean what they say. Try to accept that more information is not always better information, and work on investing in your intuition. 


As the caretaker of the zodiac, you spend a lot of time trying to manage the safety and happiness of the people around you. During Neptune retrograde, you’ll need to come up with ways to manage your own feelings. You tend to get broody and withdrawn when your needs aren’t met Cancer, and you’ll likely have to face that struggle under Neptune’s influence. Avoid getting overwhelmed by finding small, realistic routines you can work into your schedule. This is a great time to start a daily meditation, or journaling practice.

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Time to activate your inner artist! You’re a showstopper, Leo, and you always have something to say—but it doesn’t always come out how you’d hoped. This is a great time to indulge your creative side, and invest your time in projects that help you speak your truth. Don’t get frustrated if things don’t come to fruition right away however, slow and steady wins the race. The most important lesson for you to learn during Neptune retrograde is that the truth you create might not be the one you need to live. After all, it’s fine to be larger than life on stage, but not always in real life. Be mindful of separating the two.


You seem like you have it all together, Virgo, but you know more than most the issues you have brewing under the surface. You like to have answers, but clear cut ones are hard to come by during Neptune retrograde. You’re already skilled at separating truth from fiction, so the challenge is to learn what you can gain by softening your perspective and sitting with uncertainty. If you’ve been idolizing anything, whether it be a partner, job, or goal, you’ll likely find yourself seeing the truth of the situation come to light.


You love balance, Libra, but it’s not always easy for you to find. During Neptune retrograde however, you’ll find a renewed sense of clarity and focus. If you’ve been trying to start a new routine, this is a great time to put it into effect. Art and beauty, two things associated Neptune, have always been priorities for you, and during retrograde you’ll find more time to spend on these pursuits. You might also find yourself investing in your appearance. Even something as simple as a new haircut or closet cleanse could be just the boost you need.


You’re used to spending time in the murky depths, searching for truth. If things have been harder to decipher than usual, Neptune retrograde could go a long way to help clear them up. While Scorpio’s ruling planet, Pluto, is all about destruction and transformation, Neptune works in a slightly more subtle fashion. Focus on healing and self-care during this time—the opportunity is there for you to close the door on something in your past that has been troubling you.


Globe-trotting Sagittarians might feel themselves being drawn back home during this retrograde period. Discovering a renewed sense of structure and boundaries is your main task during this time. Instead of leaping forward, this is an important time for you to stop, settle, and reflect on the things you’ve learned recently. Doing this, pay special attention to your past (including your family), as understanding where you came from can help you see where you’re going.


Whimsy isn’t exactly your thing, Capricorn, but Neptune retrograde might open you up to more lighthearted ventures. You’re used to having a plan, but this time is about learning to embrace the unknown and go with the flow. Indulge your inner child by finding way to incorporate a sense of play into your daily life. Maybe it’s a new sport or hobby—trial and error is the way to go. You don’t like making mistakes, but it’s important for you to learn the importance of exploring the “wrong” path every now and then.


There are times you like to sit back and observe, filtering your reality through your own unique lens. This is one of those times, Aquarius! You’re usually filled with big plans and dreams, but those might be difficult to pull off during this time. So, be patient right now and learn to feel when the time is right. This is also a good moment to share your ideas with others and let different perspectives inform your future goals.


With your ruling planet now retrograde, this is an intense time for you Pisces! It’s natural to feel extra emotional right now, so focus on activities that renew your spiritual reserves. As a natural empath, it’s all too easy for you to give your strength to others, but it’s important to put your own cosmic oxygen mask on first. Pay special attention to your dreams right now, as they will be an important source of information. Consider getting a dream journal and recording in it every morning. It might not make sense right away, but soon it could provide important clues for your future. Moderation, especially in terms of drugs or alcohol, will be very important for you during this time.

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