A Summer Solstice Tarot Reading: What Should Your Sign Focus on?

By Per Erik Borja

On June 19, 2019

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A Summer Solstice Tarot Reading: What Should Your Sign Focus on?

June 21, 2019 is a big day among the stars. Not only will the sun move into Cancer (which marks the start of Cancer season), it’s also the day Neptune turns retrograde and the summer solstice begins (for those of us living north of the equator).

During this period, we’ll be blessed with longer days, shorter and warmer nights, and an innate draw to nature—something the summer solstice brings to the forefront. Bask in the warmth of the sun, relish the energy of your surroundings, enjoy that palpable summer high.

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Spiritually, it signifies our need, and our right, to partake in earthly pleasures (in healthy moderation, of course). Through joyful experiences, we raise our vibration, and the collective frequency.

Your tarotscopes for the 2019 summer solstice will help you tap into this loving and cheerful energy, along with a message from nature spirits on how to best enjoy this wonderful time.

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Your Card: 1 of Fire “Force”

one of fire

Dear Aries, this summer solstice run towards what excites you. 1 of Fire is the initial spark, that spontaneous combustion.

As overthinking humans, we tend to analyze and calculate everything. This card is asking you to go with your gut feeling. You don’t always have to plan your entire day, you don’t have to have every hour of your vacation mapped out, and you definitely don’t need to know every step of the way.

Let the excitement guide you, this is your internal compass. Feed the fire within, not with rational thought, but with passion, impulse and freedom.

Your Nature Calling: The River

Spend time with the river, who does not make risk assessed decisions, but rather flows, allows, and runs wild.

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XIII Death

death tarot card

Dear Taurus, this summer solstice allow yourself to transform, and let go of what no longer resonates with you.

Death is a card that strikes fear to most, but it is actually one of the most freeing and positively life changing cards of the deck. Death can touch upon anything we’re going through, whether it is the death of a relationship, a friendship, a place we once called home, a career, an identity, or a belief we once held.

When Death appears, know that something better, something more aligned to who you are, and who you are meant to be is absolutely on its way.

Your Nature Calling: The Willow Tree

Spend time with the willow tree, who does not fight against the circumstances of her surroundings, but rather bends, and adapts, and thus grows stronger. Even when uprooted, she can allow the winds and waters to take her to her new home, where she can lay her foundations and begin again.


8 of Earth “The Mountain”

Dear Gemini, this summer solstice take pleasure in the progress. 8 of Earth speaks to the tasks at hand, the ones we must complete before we reach the top.

The end goal is important, but so is how we get there. Even if difficult, there are lessons to learn along the way. Stay present, stay diligent, and ask how this boring job, or this set back, or this seemingly impossible undertaking serves you.

The moments in between the start and the finish line, that’s where we gain strength, wisdom, and character.

Your Nature Calling: The Mountain

Spend time with the mountain. It does not matter where, at the base, in the middle, at the top. Appreciate where you are, for there is a fresh, new perspective at every level of elevation.


10 of Wind “The Way of The Cross”

Dear Cancer, this summer solstice say thank you to the thoughts and beliefs that held you back, because now you know you are stronger than them.

When we feel trapped by outside forces, we give these forces authority to control us. 10 of Wind asks you to let go of victimhood, to stop blaming others, and to step into your power. It is time to take responsibility for your wellbeing.

What did I learn from the heartbreaks, the disappointments, the betrayals, and the losses? If you stop for a moment, and take ownership of your life, you will find that you have learned an invaluable amount.

Your Nature Calling: The Ocean

Spend time with the ocean, and gain perspective. See how vast and infinite it is on the horizon, and see how our problems are only as big as we make them.


Father of Earth

Dear Leo, this summer solstice take root in the Earth, and embody the spirit of strength and stability.

Father of Earth is the provider. He makes sure he and his tribe has all they need to lead a successful and fruitful life, and he shares what he has because of his abundant mindset.

Security is not about finance or material wealth, and it’s not about shielding yourself from change or the “unpleasant.” It’s about a feeling of safety, knowing that all will be okay, and trusting in what is and what will be. Father of Earth asks you to hold this space for yourself and for those you love.

Your Nature Calling: The Oak Tree

Spend time with the oak tree. With massive, sturdy roots and lush foliage, the oak tree provides much needed shade and shelter in the hot summer days. How can you offer a sanctuary? How can you make others, and yourself, feel safe and welcome?


6 of Earth “Beauty”

Dear Virgo, this summer solstice participate in the divine practice of giving and receiving, of creating beauty through energetic exchange.

The material world is to be enjoyed, in balance and moderation. To give is your right, and to receive is your right. To block either is to block the healthy flow of energy.

6 of Earth wants you to know you have enough to give, it can be a physical gift, a loan, a favor, or even a compliment. And you are worthy to receive, you are worthy to be thought of, to be helped. Do not deny someone the gift of giving.

Your Nature Calling: A Field of Wildflowers

Spend time in a field of wildflowers. Watch as the bees and butterflies feed from the flowers, in turn pollenating and spreading life and beauty. There is a balanced exchange, an infinite dance of reciprocation.


 XV The Devil

Dear Libra, this summer solstice it is okay to indulge, it is okay to be excessive, allow yourself to have fun.

The Devil is not about dark forces, it is about your relationship to pleasure and the physical world.

The Devil wants you to dance, to drink, to laugh, to play. There is healthy excess, and then there is destructive excess, which leads to addiction and codependency.

Discernment is key. You know within when enough is enough. You know when your desires help or hinder you. It is up to you to say “no, thank you,” or “yes, more please.”

Your Nature Calling: The Sun

Spend time with the sun. There is nothing like spending a day in the warmth and embrace of the sun, absorbing the light and producing much needed vitamin D. However, we also need to be aware when we’ve had too much, when the sunrays become harmful. Pace yourself, you don’t need all of it at once.


1 of Earth “Form”

Dear Scorpio, this summer solstice give birth to new opportunities, and new ways of feeling abundant.

1 of Earth heralds financial windfalls and openings to create more wealth. It also brings forth positive news in terms of health, introducing nutrient rich foods and implementing new exercise regimes.

We do not have to wait for something to happen in order to feel abundant or healthy. 1 of Earth wants you to find that frequency now. Does the love around you make you feel abundant? Does choosing a piece of fruit over a piece of pie make you feel more in control of your body? Small changes in choice and perspective can help align you to a frequency of prosperity and wellbeing.

Your Nature Calling: The Forest

Spend time with the forest. See the abundance of life that it holds. There are countless trees, choirs of birds, a confetti of flowers. Know that there is more than enough.


3 of Wind “Recognition”

Dear Sagittarius, this summer solstice step into your new awareness.

3 of Wind is your wakeup call. You know that when you prick your finger with a needle, you feel pain, so you consciously avoid that. What causes you pain? What do you continue to return to, knowing that it will harm you?

This does not mean to let go of all things difficult, but it does mean to decide whether it is worth it. Recognize what you must abandon in order to ascend.

 Your Nature Calling: A Rose Bush

Spend time with a rose bush. Pick a rose from a wild bush. Are the thorns too much? Can you weave around them, to safely get to the flower? Is the effort worth the reward? Sometimes yes, sometimes no.


XI Karma

Dear Capricorn, this summer solstice be aware of the energy you radiate, so you may better know the energy you will receive.

Karma states that “whatsoever a man soweth, that shall he also reap.” You are manifesting and contributing to the collective energy every single day. Make sure you put out what you want to get back.

Are you constantly judging others? Are you focusing on the negative? Are you filled with fear and worry? If so, shift that now. The mind is your servant, and not the other way around. Your power is in your perspective.

Your Nature Calling: A Fruit Tree

Spend time with a fruit tree, whether it is apples, peaches, or pears. For a tree to bare fruit, all the conditions must be right; the wind, the soil, the light, the water. Think of yourself as the environment, in order to reach your goals and produce desired results; cultivate your mind, body, spirit, and heart.


Sister of Fire

Dear Aquarius, this summer solstice find joy in transition.

Sister of Fire asks you to be lithe, to move with the tides of change and not against it. She sees the opportunity in every endeavor, whether big or small.

When summer wanes, and the cold winds of fall come gently, can you still dance with the same jubilance? Can you find the fire and passion within, no matter the outside circumstances? Practice holding your flame. Burn steadily and brightly by investing in your inner world, more so than your outer world.

Your Nature Calling: The Sunset

Spend time with the sunset. Watch as the sun bids farewell, casting a magical aura in the sky. It is just as beautiful as when in full glow, and the night brings its own wonder, different from the day, but wondrous just the same.


X The Wheel of Fortune

Dear Pisces, this summer solstice find your center.

The Wheel of Fortune depicts the ups and downs of our journey, the incredible highs and the incredible lows. When you feel so elated and high with joy, how do you stay grounded? When you feel so depressed, like everything is going against you, how do you lift yourself up?

Is your rock your friends, your family, your beliefs, your passion, your spirituality? On this journey, we are constantly searching for balance. There will be happiness, and there will be sadness, and we have the power to weather whatever comes.

Your Nature Calling: The Rain

Spend time with the rain. You can’t control the weather, and sometimes the clouds will come, cover the sun, and pour. How do you deal with this? Do you curse Mother Nature, and declare that your days is ruined? Or can you find your center, and see the blessings that come when things don’t work out the way you had hoped.

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