Make the Most of the Taurus New Moon With This Candle Ritual

By Jess Wiggan

On May 4, 2019

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Make the Most of the Taurus New Moon With This Candle Ritual

On May 4, 2019 at 3:45 p.m., a new moon will co-align with some massive power planet changes in the zodiac. Pluto (planet of transformation), Saturn (planet of structure and rules), and Jupiter (planet of growth and abundance) will all be retrograde at the time of this particular May new moon. As all the planets pull their energy together, this Taurus new moon will be about discovering new ways to restructure your sense of security and stability in your life.

For many, this will mean establishing consistency in regards to finances, career, home, or what you find most valuable. For example, if you spend hours at your desk in order to pay the bills to support your family, but because of your job (or jobs) you never have the moment or energy to enjoy time with them, this may be something that the cosmos will start to arrange on your behalf.

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What to Prepare for During May’s New Moon

Because Taurus rules the things we value most (and because new moons provide opportunity), you may see shifts in your life that will make your desires more realistic. You may not see or understand why certain doors are opening or closing, but with Taurus energy you know that it’s to help you grow.

Because Taurus is also known to be stubborn and resist change, this new moon will ask you to reconsider your values. Ask yourself: Are you fulfilled with the things you value most, or does a restructure need to take place? If so, it’s a time to roll up your sleeves and work your magic to call in what you’re missing.

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Lastly, as Taurus is also known for comfort and luxury, you may see the new moon stir in some ease into your life. You may accept an opportunity or client who generously invests in your talents. You may find yourself needing more time at home or with family, doing nothing but enjoying a simple meal and some boardgames. These moments are precious and important and this moon wants to work to give you more of them!

How Other Planets Will Affect This New Moon

As Saturn and Pluto (planets of responsibility and expectation) are both retrograde in the sign of Capricorn, they’re giving you permission to take a much needed break. So if you’re typically quite routine about how you spend your days, these planets will make it much easier to slow down and care for yourself.

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When it comes to working your magick during this new moon focus on creating stability, resources, investments, and growth that provides for you in a way that makes your comfortable and cozy. You should be so provided for financially that taking a break to do the things you love and care for doesn’t bring punishment or stress! Set intention for the life that you want to live and the universe will rearrange itself now to bring this to you!

7-Day New Moon Candle Magick Spell


Courtesy of @modernmystic_shop

For this new moon, accepting and allowing success to come our way will be key (the Universe will be ready to bring it to you!). With this candle spell, I’ve only used the most abundance-magnifying ingredients—particularly cinnamon and clove, which tend to speed prosperity spells up.

What You Need: 

What to Do: 

On the night of Taurus new moon, dress your candle in a money attraction building oil. Place the oil from the base of the candle up to the top.

When you’re finished dressing the oil, wash your hands and anoint them with the Florida water or holy water. While you do this, think about what you want for yourself, your time, your security, and your finances. Focus on building security and ask your guides to help remove obstacles that prevent security and abundance to you. Write your desires down in full detail and place it under the dressed candle.

Light the candle seven minutes at a time, for seven nights, starting the night of the new moon. (Why the number 7? It brings perfection and blessing!)

Each day you burn your candle, watch the flame. High strong flames help the magick to manifest faster and stronger. A low, dull, or weak flame will struggle to bring a reward to you. If you see a weak flame, you may want to ask your guides more strongly to help you remove obstacles.

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