March 2022 New Moon in Pisces Horoscopes

By Nina Kahn

On March 2, 2022

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March 2022 New Moon in Pisces Horoscopes

Pack your bags, dreamers, because the new moon in Pisces on Wednesday, March 2 at 9:35am PT is coming to sweep us off our feet. This water-ruled lunation will submerge us in our feelings, drench us in our fantasies, and ultimately allow us to rise to the surface completely renewed. Under these deep and hopeful lunar rays, we have a chance to get in touch with our emotional inner selves as we embrace the final weeks of winter.

We’re currently wading through the whimsical realm of Pisces season, and this enchanting new moon serves as the season’s lunar jewel. It brings an auspicious and optimistic new beginning ideal for pursuing romance, creativity, spiritual growth, and emotional healing. The sun and moon in Pisces are forming a glittering alliance with expansive planet Jupiter, which is Pisces’ traditional cosmic ruler. This activates all the mystical blessings that we’ve experienced since having Jupiter in Pisces and gives us a powerful opportunity to create abundance in our lives. Jupiter’s Midas touch on this lunar cycle gives us massive manifesting power, putting our loftiest goals within reach and bringing dreams into reality. Additionally, a sweet sextile to electric Uranus will bring positive surprises and encourage us to go with the flow of this mutable moon’s tides.

All this dreamy Piscean energy might make us feel like we’re floating through a formless ocean of feelings, but we’ll still have one foot anchored to the earthly shore. That’s because, at the time of the new moon, take-action Mars and romantic Venus will be locked in a conjunction with power planet Pluto in the no-nonsense sign of Capricorn. With the cosmic lovers being pulled into Pluto’s underworld, it’s time to do some emotional excavation regarding our passions, desires, and values. Pluto is both destructive and transformational, so we may find that we emerge from this new moon intensity with a refreshed sense of insight.

Here are your new moon in Pisces horoscopes!


It’s time to indulge in some spiritual soul food, Aries. This new moon is activating all sorts of magical growth in your life, prompting you to journey inward and embrace your inner mystic. You’re being called to quiet your conscious mind and connect with your intuition. So embrace the power of prayer, meditation, or some witchy lunar rituals that’ll promote heart-centered healing.


You’re craving more depth in your social life now, Taurus. And this new moon is bringing you a fresh opportunity to build the extended network of your dreams. Take initiative within your friendship circle and start building emotional bonds with the people around you. By aligning with a more cosmically-connected crew, you’ll feel so much more spiritually supported as you move forward.


There’s tons of expansion happening in your professional life this year, Gemini, and this new moon is a prime time to manifest even more abundance and alignment. Infuse some of that unique air sign creativity into your public image and step into your authoritative magic at work. You can use the lucky vibes of this new moon to visualize your dream career path and start taking action.


Your creativity and curiosity levels are at an all-time high, Cancer, so use this expansive burst of new moon energy to make a vision board and start crafting the life of your dreams. Follow your fantasies and embrace your interests without any self-judgment or attempt to rationalize. Both your heart and mind are open and ready to receive, so give your loftiest aspirations a chance to take root.


It’s time to listen to your heart and trust your gut, Leo. Your psychic powers are on point under this new moon, so you may find that you’re more sensitive to energy, power dynamics, and other people’s feelings. Use this invisible insight to dig deep into yourself and your relationships, and figure out how to move forward with courage and vulnerability. You don’t need to hide your emotions behind a façade — let your true self shine.


Life-changing new relationships may be entering your life now, Virgo, so stay open to these deep and soul-expanding connections. This new moon brings you an opportunity to commit to the people and situations that align with your heart. Therefore, it’s not a time to hold back on being vulnerable. If you pour some sentimentality into your partnerships, you’re more likely to see them blossom.


It’s time for a change of pace that promotes inner peace, Libra. This visionary new moon is inspiring you to focus your energy toward wellness and bring more moments of zen into your day-to-day routine. Whether it’s developing a morning meditation ritual or just being more intentional as you brew your evening tea, creating space in your schedule for mysticism and self-care will help you feel more whole.


This poetic new moon is filling your heart with passion and inspiration, Scorpio, so channel your visionary magic into something fun. A serendipitous chance encounter could spark a flirtatious romance, or a creative hobby could open the door to an exciting opportunity. Your technicolor feelings have the power to paint a beautiful picture now—and it’s up to you to make it a work of art.


You’re a wanderer by nature, Sagittarius, but the new moon in your domestic fourth house is calling you back into your heart. You’re in the process of expanding your idea of “home” and “family,” so you may be feeling more sentimental about your past and your memories now. Use these feelings to fuel you as you turn over a new emotional leaf in your life and embrace the comforts that are all around you.


Give your poker face a rest today, Capricorn, because this new moon in your communication sector wants you to wear your heart on your sleeve. It’s time to share your sentiments with the world around you and be more present with your emotions, however fleeting they may seem. By being more real with people about your feelings and communicating with more compassion, you’ll unlock a whole new side of yourself.


Get ready for a fresh start with your finances, Aquarius. This new moon serves you a supercharged opportunity to start manifesting more material abundance in your life and bring more financial security into your orbit. Whether it’s by casting a mystical money spell or writing a letter to your boss requesting a pay raise, now’s the time to ask the universe for the luxurious upgrades you deserve.


It’s time to step into your magic, dear Pisces, as this lunation is activating a powerful new beginning in your life. If you look deep enough into yourself, you’ll see the whole universe, and that’s a reflection of the limitless potential you have to grow and create your dream life. You don’t have to be a big fish in a small pond to succeed anymore. Trust that your unique brand of creativity will shine in even the most colossal of seas.

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