Want to Be an Awesome Parent? Tune in to Your Child’s Zodiac Sign

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On July 13, 2017

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Want to Be an Awesome Parent? Tune in to Your Child’s Zodiac Sign

As every parent knows, despite the millions of parenting articles and blogs we may read, there’s no single approach that will work for every child. That’s why I’m a firm believer that tuning into your child’s astrological traits can help make parenting easier for both of you. For example, while your Gemini daughter may balk at your attempts to get her to organize her toys, your Virgo son might have his collection of fire engines cleaned, polished, and neatly stacked away in a self-labeled bin before you can utter the words clean up.

Here’s how to use your child’s astrological sign to be a happier, calmer, and totally amazing parent:

How to Parent an Aries Child:

Keep your energy high. Get ready, because this little fire sign will keep you on your toes! Although you’ll probably never be able to match their energy level, try to meet them halfway with enthusiasm and encouragement. 

Challenge them. Although characterized by the Ram, Aries are not all brawn. These children are also intellectuals and their physical gusto will translate just as easily to whatever cerebral pursuits and interests they might have.

Feed their need to compete. Make sure your Aries children have an opportunity to be the best. Involve them in sports and other competitive activities that will encourage them to keep striving.

How to Parent a Taurus Child:

Move at their pace. The stubborn baby Bull has its own ideas about how, when, and where it likes to do things … and it’s usually slowly. Instead of imposing a busy, parent-led schedule all the time, give your young Taurus some time and space to make a few of their own decisions

Give them responsibility. These children take pride in helping out with chores and other mature activities. Encourage this trait by taking their small tasks very seriously.

Hold them close. When they’re very young, you’ll want to lavish Bulls with lots of hugs, kisses, and physical touch. They need to feel comforted and reassured in a physical way.
How to Parent a Gemini Child:

Feed their curiosity. Geminis are known for their mental sharpness and insatiable curiousity—especially in childhood. Keeping them busy with constructive activities can help positively direct their mental energy. 

Try the arts. You may have a little virtuoso on your hands. Whether its music, visual arts, dance, or acting, Geminis often enjoy and show exceptional talent in the arts. Involving them early will help them expend some of their extra energy and may help them feel understood.

Show them stability. You’ll find that your little Gemini likes to change her mind all the time. Her favorite thing from last week is unlikely to hold the same appeal this week, so prepare to hold firm and help your child discover her more stable side.

How to Parent a Cancer Child:

Give them space. While Cancerian children can be emotional and clingy, they also need their independence. Make sure they have the time and physical space to be quiet and sit with their own thoughts and emotions. Let them recharge and they’ll be snuggling up to you again in no time. 

Nourish them with healthy food. Cancer babies love food and may grow into emotional eaters someday. Provide them with the healthiest nutrition you can from the very beginning. That way, when they reach for comfort food, they’ll be nourishing body and soul.

Make family time fun time. Family connections are important to these babes. Try to be intentional about the way your family spends time together, and include extended family, too!

How to Parent a Leo Child:

Pour on the praise. Lions crave attention and affirmation, and little Leos are no exception to that rule. Cubs need to know their parents think the world of them, so make sure you go to every soccer game and school play and cheer loud.

Support their natural inner leader. Since these children come pre-wired for leadership, focus on encouraging traits that will make them benevolent leaders instead of little bullies, like kindness, fairness, and honesty.

Prepare their runway. If you want peace, let your young Leo dress himself. You’ll notice early on that he has strong ideas about how he wants to look, so stand aside and prepare to be amazed by what this kid comes up with.

How to Parent a Virgo Child:

Keep critiques in check. Virgos strive for perfection, and they can be hard on themselves when they don’t measure up. Instead of highlighting what your little Virgo did wrong, try to put a spotlight on what she did right. 

Let them help. These young guys and girls will be your right hand if you let them. Involve little Virgos in cooking and household duties and you’ll get to bond and help them create good lifelong habits.

Give them rules. In situations where other children would feel restricted, little Virgos thrive. This sign is ruled by order, so don’t be afraid to give your Virgo clear boundaries.

How to Parent a Libra Child:

Keep the crayons handy. Young Libras love to color and generally make things more beautiful. Hand this mild mannered child some coloring supplies and she’ll be cool as a cucumber while you check your email. 

Teach them to be okay alone. Librans need people and seek harmony. Helping them rely less on other people for their happiness or entertainment will pay off as they grow into adolescence.

Throw them parties. These children love birthdays, holidays, and special occasions. Go all out for their birthdays and they’ll have the time of their life.

How to Parent a Scorpio Child:

Fuel their passions. Scorpios are passionate by nature. When they have an interest in something, they’re all in. Support young Scorpios by taking their interests seriously and providing them with everything they need to dive deep into what excites them. 

Buy a diary. Another one of Scorpio’s passions? Privacy. The details of their travails on the playground might seem trivial to us adults, but not so for the Scorpio child. Make sure this kid has a diary to get down his thoughts … and a lock on it to keep everyone out.

Don’t skimp on the discipline. Stubborn little Scorpions can develop into pushy tyrants if they’re allowed to rule the roost. Set boundaries and rules for them to follow early on, and one day, you’ll discover that your Scorpio has traded in her stinger for eagle’s wings.
How to Parent a Capricorn Child:

Help them find their tribe. Capricorn children often have the temperament of little adults from an early age. These kids are more likely to be caught with their nose in a book than goofing off with other children, so placing your Capricorn child in group activities will ensure they have an outlet to express their sillier side.

Encourage their ambition. Baby Caps are go-getters and love to be the best. Encourage this ambitious trait, but also be prepared to do a lot of explaining and consoling when things don’t go so well.

Explain why. These children are far from rebels, but they can get pretty headstrong when they don’t understand the reasoning behind a rule you’ve set. Instead of relying on “because I said so,” try and take the time to give your little Capricorn the “why” behind your decision.
How to Parent a Sagittarius Child:

Hit the road. These little adventurers love traveling and learning about new places and the people who live there. Even a drive to a nearby city to check out a different park will excite them.

Cheer up. Sagittarians are particularly cheery and known for their positive outlook. Don’t be too quick to squelch this tendency with too much “real world” pessimism, and they’ll grow into happy, positive adults.

Give an allowance. With their natural inclination toward generosity and impulsiveness, your little Sag will need early lessons in money management to avoid issues later in life.

How to Parent an Aquarius Child:

Be social. If you’re the mom or dad of a young Aquarian, get ready to have a full schedule of parties, playdates, games, and rehearsals. These boys and girls thrive on social interaction and tend to have lots of friends. 

Keep them engaged. You’ll also need to be prepared to fuel their quick and mutable minds with plenty of mental stimulation.

Embrace their uniqueness. Just when you think you’ve got your Aquarian all figured out, they’re likely to have picked up some new quirky habit. Keep an open and accepting mind, and you’ll be just the support they need.

How to Parent a Pisces Child:

Be sensitive. Born under a very expressive sign, Piscean children will need help understanding and navigating their own strong emotions. When these emotions rise, steer clear of shaming or speaking negatively about how they express themselves.

Help them set boundaries. These conscientious little souls love to help those they care about. You can help them establish boundaries early on by watching their interactions with friends and siblings and teaching them the art of saying “no.”

Encourage their creativity. Piscean little ones are imaginative powerhouses. Feed their creativity by engaging them with music and the arts early on. They’re likely to take to creativity like, well, fish to water.

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