Coronavirus Update: The Astrology of Covid-19

By Laura Brown

On May 1, 2020

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Coronavirus Update: The Astrology of Covid-19

When it comes to the disease that’s sweeping the world, everyone wants to know what the latest coronavirus update, symptoms, and cures are. But if we take a look at the astrology behind the virus, we can actually map out how this all started (and became a worldwide pandemic) and where it’s going. When will this end? We’ve got the answers here.

As we face these unprecedented times for our country and most of the world, we must remember that the strain on medical care resources is high right now—but it is also an everyday occurrence for many countries. It’s in this perspective that we have to examine the astrology of Covid-19, for it’s essential to our learning. In the end, this perspective will help us come out on the other side of this experience healed and with a greater awareness of community on a global level.

Here are some coronavirus dates—starting from December 2019 all the way through June 2020—that take into account how we got here and where we’re going.

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Covid-19 Astrology Dates: How Did the Coronavirus Start?


Courtesy of @holistic_astrology

December 1 – 10, 2019: Saturn, Venus, & Ceres 

It’s estimated the virus first became an issue (it’s been around for years, in truth) between December 1 and December 10. During this time, Saturn (planet of time and rules), Venus (planet of lifestyle and love), and Ceres were in Capricorn.

Saturn is known as the great restrictor or the grim reaper, if you will, of the zodiac. Sitting next to Saturn is Venus—who, in her shadow, goes from loving and seductive, to a manipulative brat—hell-bent on creating a world built with the illusions in her mind. And when she wants something, trust me, loves, she gets it.

Sitting next to these two “fun sponges” is Ceres. Ceres is the great healer and protector of the Earth and represents our only real saving grace. She’s the one who brings forth growth and learning and is all about helping us see the practical things we can do to care for the Earth.

All of this taking place in Capricorn, an Earth sign (which is, obviously, super relevant given the circumstances). Capricorn is not exactly the most touchy-feely sign of the zodiac and represents the cold, darkness of winter in a time lacking in harvest.

When these planets came together at the very start of this virus, it was meant to create an awareness and awakening process around the Earth.

Consider this the previews before the movie.

December 2019: Uranus in Taurus

With Uranus (planet of surprise) in Taurus, this also adds a bit more ferocity to the event. Uranus whats to break down the old and instill the new, while Taurus gives it the roots needed for not only there to be a breakdown but for it to be a strong, resilient, and lasting breakdown. It’s meant to break down how we used to exist. The spread of this virus is not about taking over with massive speed, it’s also about touching everyone—globally. Uranus is not doing this just to be a jerk, however. The shakeup and break down is so that we may enter a new era—a new dawn.

Though incredibly heartbreaking, we’re witnessing nothing short of a complete global restructuring.

January 12, 2020: Saturn-Pluto Conjunction + Stellium in Capricorn

Now, we really get to the meat and potatoes of what is happening here.

A stellium (five or more planets in the same sign) is now taking place in Capricorn. We have Saturn, Mars (who’s spend a longer than normal amount of time in Capricorn, creating serious friction), Jupiter, and Pluto are all creating a party of transformation and madness on a global level.

Mars in Capricorn basically equals two hot-headed, egotistical planets in the same car. In this same car, we now have Saturn and Jupiter. Oh, and let’s not forget the South Node and Pluto. Needless to say, the car’s getting quite full and seating space isn’t exactly the most comfortable.

Many knew that once Jupiter and Mars were thrown in, there would be some serious uptick to the aggression around who would sit where.

We’ve seen this translated in the real world as people are dying, medical professionals (big shout out to my brother George Wilson and all the rest of you angel medical professionals on the front lines), lack the proper personal protection equipment and economies are crumbling. All the while, the entire planet is in various states of disbelief, panic, anxiety, and fear.

With expansive Jupiter, we’re realizing a thing or two about “borders” between states, countries, and territories and how in reality they’re nothing more than invisible lines created by man. They are nothing to the virus.

Saturn is urging us to plan long term, so be warned: There will be no stopping this petulant virus with quick fixes or band-aides over bullet wounds. This stellium is reminding us that if we want things to change on a global level, things much change on a personal level. We can’t (and won’t) be able to go back to how things were.

January 26, 2020: Eris Square Pluto

Next, let’s look at Eris square Pluto’s role in what is transpiring.

Eris is the sister to Mars, the God of war, so it’s a foregone conclusion that she is not some fluffy little wallflower. In fact, she is most happy when she can hear the moaning and groaning of men on dying on the battlefield. She seems like someone we’d all love to sit down and chat with, doesn’t she?

Eris brings the drama wherever she hangs her golden apple (which is something she used to quite literally start the Trojan War).

However, every coin has two sides—even Eris. She may be bat-sh*t crazy, but she also teaches us that when the pressure is on we have no choice but to show up with our A-game. And when squared with Pluto, what we see is a lot of our own shadow—our unconscious rising to the surface to say hi.

Additionally, Eris is rolling through Aries, a “me-me-me” sign—which is why we need to realize that while things are changing for us, there are many parts of the world that are much worse. More than that, we have to learn to take responsibility for how we got here.

Pluto, however, is in Capricorn. This is bringing—on a global level—of all our fractured parts and dysfunctional global family antics to the surface.

We were warned that 2020 was going to be all about clear vision…

Now, let’s look at a few last key dates as we move forward.

Covid-19 Astrology Dates: What’s Next for Coronavirus?


Courtesy of @naramonastrology

March 30: Mars Moves into Aquarius

This will show us that tried-and-true methods will not work and we’ll have to think outside the box, both personally and collectively. This will be seen as a gamble for more, and there will be quite a bit of pushback on the ideas that come forward at this time (think: mandatory vaccinations, etc.). Mars and Aquarius generally get what they want, so gamble or not, chances are this is going to get pushed through.

March 31: Mars Conjuncts Saturn

Fears are now at an all-time high, economies are at their most dire, and the disease is spreading more (some might say it’s at its peak. While not exactly the best news, we should know that we have to hit rock bottom by now. We’re going to get back up, dust ourselves off and start to figure this out.

The month of April overall brings us down as Mars moves out of Capricorn and slowly into Aquarius. This eases tensions and finds them leveling out. Whether this is due to a legitimate slowing, or because we’ve just leveled our nervous system, remains to be seen.

April 23: Ceres Moves into Pisces

Ceres, protector of Earth will bring a sense of healing and community as it moves into empathetic Pisces. We all come together to heal, support, and do all that we can to make sure our communities have what they need. People will come together at this point and it will be less about “me” and more about “we.”

May 7: Full Moon in Scorpio

The full moon in Scorpio signals a potential turning point, or so it would seem. First, collectively we will see how we’ve changed through all of this. We will see our shadow from the past ways we behaved and interacted with the Earth. We will also experience a personal revolution within.

On the upper level, those in authority will feel they’ve come upon something that might be our rebirth.

June 1: Jupiter Quintile Chiron

While this is a minor aspect, a quintile makes us want to build or rebuild something. Jupiter is expanding this desire to heal, collectively. To learn from our mistakes and rebuild from what our wounds, our suffering has taught us.

For those that have been using terms like Old Earth/New Earth or New World Order, this is what they’re referring to. We have to learn from the past in order to build a better future.

June 5: Full Moon Lunar Eclipse

This will amplify the June 1 transit only now, with this full moon in Sagittarius, we will seek freedom from the personal and collective shadow and become more motivated to do something about it. We will be eclipsing out the old so that we may make room for the new.

June 18: Mars Moves into Pisces

Mars in Pisces can be one way or another. If we don’t know what to do, this can be a very problematic time where there is much uproar and a clear sense that we have learned absolutely nothing. If, however, we are moving in the direction of learning from our past on both that personal and collective level, then Mars gives us great motivation and determination to heal and regroup.

Coronavirus Main Lessons

Think of this virus as a bit like a petulant, abstinent child: kicking and screaming in the middle of the store. While it’s the last thing that we would ever want to go through, it’s also what’s meant to be our saving grace. It’s through community that we heal. It’s through learning from our past that we move forward.

That said, this is a freewill planet. My feeling is that if we follow the natural flow of the cosmos, we can see this wrap up around mid-June, into July. If, however, we just continue doing the same things, throwing money at the problem, putting profit above communities, people, and the Earth, this could well go on for some time. As long as it takes for us to learn.

Lead photo courtesy of @holistic_astrology

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