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The Best Toys for a Pisces Child

Pisces loves small figurines, and can set up endless stories and scenarios with the toys they have. Pisces also loves finding order in chaos, and may have a lot of fun organizing small toys. Artistic Pisces can never have enough art supplies, but even a box is enough to bring out the infamous Piscean imagination. Pisces can get overwhelmed when there are too many things around them, so it's smart to go minimal when it comes to toys, or potentially rotate toys in and out. Pisces make very emotional connections to inanimate objects, and if they love a stuffed animal, best to buy three in case one goes missing. To a Pisces, this isn't just a toy, but a very real friend.

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The Best Activities for a Pisces Child

Pisces can always find ways to play by themselves, but may need a subtle nudge to learn to play with other kids. Signing them up for different activities—swim lessons are a must—is a great way to let them get to know other kids. Pisces kids love the water, and it's important for them to have a thorough grasp of water safety. Making sure that they take swim lessons and are always supervised in the pool or around the pool is an essential task for a Pisces parent.

Books Every Pisces Child Must Read

Intelligent, emotional, artistic, and full of imagination, a Pisces child will often read the same book again and again, coming up with new favorite parts of the book. Pisces children are drawn to fairytales and metaphysical books, and love escaping to worlds that are just so slightly different than the ones they live in.

Not Quite Narwhal, Jessie Sima. A picture book about a little creature who doesn't quite fit in on land with the unicorns � or in the sea with the narwhals � but finds that going between both worlds is exactly what he needs for his happiness.

A Wrinkle in Time. This classic (read the book before you catch the movie) will resonate with Pisces who may feel they don't quite belong in this world, and will help them realize the inner gifts that make them unique are also profoundly important to their friends and family, too.

Girl Made of Stars, Ashley Herring Blake. This YA novel, aimed toward high schoolers, explores the ambivalence and mixed feelings that can come when you love someone in your family but hate their actions. A thoughtful read that will resonate with Pisces readers, who rarely see anything in black and white.

The Best Names for a Pisces Child

Sensitive, artistic, and deeply in tune with the emotions of others, Pisces are selfless and always willing to lend a helping hand. Pisces love names that connect them to a tribe, so naming them after family members or important religious or artistic figures is smart. Pisces also love nature, so look to the outdoors for inspiration.

The Best Names for Pisces Boys: To start, picture the sea. Some water-themed baby names to consider: Brook, Dylan (son of the sea), Lachlan (land of the lakes), Kyle (channel), or Wade (crossing the sea). Pisces are deeply intuitive and relationship-oriented; consider a mood-themed name like Asher (happy, blessed), Darwin (beloved friend), or Khalil (friend in Arabic).

The Best Names for Pisces Girls: Pisces are drawn to the water, and your little fish may likely be a swimmer, surfer, or sailor as she grows up. Give her a name inspired by the water: River, Brooke, Darya (Iranian for sea), or Noelani (mist from heaven in Hawaiian). And since friendships are paramount to a Pisces, consider a name that highlights her BFF qualities: Arden, Dakota (friendly one from the Sioux), or Bellamy (fine friend from French).

How to Parent the Pisces Child

Intelligent, emotional, and a little psychic, it's not uncommon to think your tiny fish is an old soul. Pisces kids can intuitively grasp the hard stuff that makes up life, and they bristle when parents try to shield things from them. Letting a Pisces know that crying is just as natural as laughing will go far in helping to raise an intuitive, aware Pisces.

A Pisces may need some help coming out of her shell and learning how to play. Pisces don't like the artificial boundary between parent and child, and don't like when a parent tells them to go play. Be engaged, and play along with them! Pisces children love making up games, and find fun in creating stories, making art, dancing, and doing other things that may not seem like "play." Pisces children often prefer playing with themselves or an adult rather than a large group of kids. Pisces parents may want to push their child to try to connect with kids their own age, but the more they do so, the more a Pisces may pull back. Pisces like to survey the scene on the sidelines, and will jump in only when they're ready. Respect the process! Here, what else to consider as your parent your little fish.

Be sensitive. Born under a very expressive sign, Piscean children will need help understanding and navigating their own strong emotions. When these emotions rise, steer clear of shaming or speaking negatively about how they express themselves.

Help them set boundaries. These conscientious little souls love to help those they care about. You can help them establish boundaries early on by watching their interactions with friends and siblings and teaching them the art of saying "no."

Encourage their creativity. Piscean little ones are imaginative powerhouses. Feed their creativity by engaging them with music and the arts early on. They're likely to take to creativity like, well, fish to water.

All About the Pisces Teenager

Do not call the Pisces adolescent a "moody teen." Yes, they are, but they're not doing it on purpose, and the emotions they feel are very real in the moment. Give them space and time to process these emotions, and let them know as much as possible that no matter how unpleasant or angry they may be, you will always love them. Some parents of Pisces teens can find their temperament hard to take. Remember, this isn't about you. This is about your Pisces teen figuring out the world around them.

Because a Pisces emotions can feel like a roller-coaster and because a Pisces is intuitive and interested in self awareness, a Pisces teen may benefit from therapy, which can help them better understand themselves and give voice to the sometimes conflicting emotions storming within them.

And it's not all emo! Pisces teens are creative and passionate about the world around them. Pisces teens may seem to elevate themselves beyond the Instagram drama that may plague their homerooms and be very focused on their futures. Pisces teens are not pressured by their peers, but may have an experimental side because they like to fully understand what other people experience. Pisces teens are honest when honesty is deserved. A Pisces teen does not like when their parents snoop in their bedroom; a Pisces teen will tell their parents exactly what they did on a Friday night as long as the Pisces parent asks directly.

Pisces teens are great role models for younger siblings and will put aside any differences with their parents to act kindly to siblings. A Pisces teen can be trusted, and the more trust you give them, the more trust they'll return.

A Pisces teen likes:

Philosophy: Pisces teens love struggling with the tough questions surrounding good and evil.

Responsibility: A Pisces teen loves being treated like an adult, and is happy to take on household responsibilities like meal planning, grocery buying, or helping with the family budget.

Social justice: A Pisces teen believes in freedom and equality, and will passionately fight if they feel someone's rights are being manipulated. It's not uncommon for a Pisces teen to become involved in community or political activism at an early age.

A Pisces Teen Dislikes:

Surveillance. Don't monitor her phone and see her room as sacrosanct. If there's something she needs you to know, trust that she will tell you.

Social media posing. Pisces teens strive for authenticity, and it can be frustrating when they see their peers trying to look good for the camera. A Pisces may play with social media, but they dislike trying to rack up followers.

"You'll understand when you're older." A Pisces teen has a strong moral compass and while they may grow intellectually as they age, they aren't likely to wildly swing in a different direction when it comes to their viewpoints. They dislike when parents or older people assume they are acting purely due to their youth.

The Pisces Parent

How does a Pisces personality mesh (or clash) with their offspring's? Here's how any Pisces can be an amazing parent to any kid in the zodiac:

Pisces Parent, Aries Child

Adventurous Aries can seem overwhelming to cautious Pisces, and Pisces may feel frustrated with Aries "look before you leap" attitude. Gently teaching Aries how to tune into their intuition is a valuable, lifelong lesson.

Pisces Parent, Taurus Child

When a watery fish parents a earth-bound bull, expect some conflicts! Pisces parents can get frustrated with how stubborn a tiny Taurus can be. Learning to see the world from a Taurus perspective can help the duo find a middle ground that works for both of them.

Pisces Parent, Gemini Child

Both imaginative and creative, this can be a great parent-child pair. Pisces parents may need to be a little less abstract with their Gemini offspring and talk to them about how they feel, not expect the Gemini kid to pick it up out of the ether.

Pisces Parent, Cancer Child

Both water signs, this parent-child pair gets each other—maybe a little too well. Emotions are explored, but sometimes a Pisces parent may need to teach their tiny crab that part of succeeding in life is knowing when it's time to cry and knowing when it's okay to dust yourself off and move on.

Pisces Parent, Leo Child

A Pisces parent is captivated by their bold, fearless little lion, and tiny Leos learn to slow down and listen to their emotions from their Pisces parents. A Pisces parent will do well by allowing their little lion the freedom to explore and socialize, confident in the knowledge that their laps will always be a little lion's favorite place to curl up.

Pisces Parent, Virgo Child

Pisces and Virgo can see the world through the same artistic lens, but a Virgo may seem a little too rational for imaginative Pisces. What does this mean for a Pisces parent? Accept that your Virgo may not be able to fully accompany you on your larger flights of fancy, and know that your little Virgo can provide valuable lessons in when it's time to pay attention to reality.

Pisces Parent, Libra Child

A water sign and air sign can be a great pair, and for the most part, a Pisces parent and Libra child have a great connection. Pisces can get frustrated with Libra's sense of exacting justice and inability to move on from black and white, right and wrong. A Pisces parent can help a Libra see more shades of gray in a situation.

Pisces Parent, Scorpio Child

A Pisces parent gets their Scorpio child, and can be a great role model to help their tiny scorpion learn to effectively manage and move on from their emotions. A Pisces parent can be a valuable protector and voice to a little Scorpio, and the pair truly enjoy each other's company—even if they may get into very large fights.

Pisces Parent, Sagittarius Child

Pisces parents are proud of their independent little Sags, but sometimes wonder what is going on in a Sags head and heart. A Sag can seem much more practical and rational than a Pisces, and Pisces may want to help a small Sag learn to balance their head and their heart.

Pisces Parent, Capricorn Child

Pisces parents are in awe of their organized, rational Cap kids—and can learn a lot from the way a Cap sees the world. A Pisces parent will do well not to try to make Capricorn into something she's not, and Pisces parents may run into problems trying to give a Capricorn kid "their" version of an ideal childhood. Learning to read their Capricorn child's cues is very valuable for a Pisces parent.

Pisces Parent, Aquarius Child

Both imaginative and intuitive, Pisces parents and Aquarius kids love exploring life together. Pisces parents can help Aquarius learn to understand other people's emotions and may need to give them a few lessons on how to think before they speak.

Pisces Parent, Pisces Child

A pair of Pisces can be intense, in good and bad ways. Pisces parents and children may have an almost psychic shorthand, but that can cause misunderstandings. No matter how close a Pisces parent may feel to their Pisces child, it's important for them to remember that they are two different people, they don't know how their Pisces child is feeling, and that they may experience the same event in two very different ways.