Virgo 2020 Horoscope

Take care of your mind and body this year!

Your ruler, Mercury, is one of the fastest moving planets, so your mind is naturally quick and alert. This year Mercury begins in practical, kindred earth sign Capricorn and quickly forms a conjunction with mind-expanding Jupiter, setting an optimistic tone for the year. Feeling broad-minded and sociable is a great way to start 2020.

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There are also the usual three infamous Mercury retrograde periods to watch out for, this year between February 16 and March 9, June 18 and July 12, and October 13 and November 3. Since Mercury is your ruler, you probably know by now that this bad-mouthed transit will do its best to bring things to a standstill but don’t worry - your positive actions can be very effective. This year’s Mercury retrogrades all visit emotional water signs, so intuition often trumps logic when avoiding obstacles and dealing with dilemmas

The sun shines in your order-loving sign from the end of August until the end of September, so happy birthday practical, hardworking Virgo! The final days of summer are the perfect time to clear out the excess and get more organized. Friends and family might ask for your assistance getting themselves in order as well, as your reputation for being meticulous spreads. This is also a time to take care of health issues, so schedule your yearly doctors’ visits and follow up on any tests or lab work you have done.

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