Virgo Couples Horoscope

Your love life in 2019? Practicality mixed with passion!

Not to start off the year on a down note, but there's a Venus-Saturn conjunction in mid-February that could have you feeling lonely despite being in a relationship. Melancholy is normal from time to time, but is it a real indication that something is wrong? Try to resist comparing your relationship to those of other people, Virgo. Yours is unique and what's right for other people might not work for you.

A Venus-Mars conjunction in your own sign in late August could result in some unbelievable passion. Okay, maybe you aren't the most demonstrative sign around, but the energy of this steamy transit does something to you. When you let your more tender, seductive side (yes, you do have one) dominate the relationship, unexpectedly wonderful things can happen. Let go of your inhibitions. You won't be sorry!

Your birthday month kicks off around the same time, and just because love becomes more practical and grounded doesn't mean you aren't a dedicated partner. In fact, you show your love through things like running errands, fixing things, helping with miscellaneous projects, and completing your partner's to-do list without being asked, which are all great ways to show you care.

Expansive Jupiter enters factual Capricorn, another earth sign, in early December, so your interest in learning about the intricacies of love increases. You aren't emotionless, but you like learning facts about love and romance as if you're examining it but aren't in it. You won't feel like making too many romantic gestures, but keeping an open mind around each other can be a form of foreplay.