Leo Couples Horoscope

It takes two to keep a relationship going. Make sure you're doing your part in 2019!

Love-centered Venus is in serious Capricorn when she meets up with regenerative Pluto at the end of February, which increases your desire to move things to the next level. Capricorn is very focused on goals, so put some plans into place now so you can celebrate something great together in the future.

Mars plus Leo in early July equals a strong sex drive, so watch the passion levels rise. You like to be the aggressor, and your partner probably won't be complaining when you initiate things. You're confident in your moves but can embarrass easily when things don't go exactly as planned. It happens to everyone sometimes, Leo, so laugh off any sexual mishaps instead of brooding about them. You'll have some funny stories to reminisce about on a future anniversary!

Early October sees your communications with your partner becoming more intense (and even sexier) when Mercury spends time in sultry Scorpio. Exchanging sexy pics and talking dirty are two of your favorite pastimes, although with Scorpio there's a lot of inuendo and suggestion mixed in with the straight-up steamy stuff. It's clear you're still very attracted to and passionate about each other, so don't be afraid to show it physically!

A full moon in Aries in mid-October brings out some fiery aggressiveness, and it's fun to explore new things together. Try not to argue over who's going to be in charge. There's plenty of time for you both to take your turn at the romantic controls.