Sagittarius Singles Horoscope

You're a romantic force of nature in 2018, Sagittarius. It will be easy to say yes when you choose or to say no in the nicest of ways.

The New Year's Day Mars-Jupiter conjunction and the Venus-sun conjunction give you all the sex appeal and popularity that you could want.

When the sun enters Sagittarius, the sun and Jupiter are in an applying conjunction. Be the brightest light in any room, all year long.

The Jupiter retrograde in Scorpio from March through early July will keep any social whirlwinds under control.

The Mars retrograde in Leo from late June through August will help keep passions from blazing out of control.

Perhaps meet the most agreeable love prospects later in the year. When the Venus retrograde ends in the middle of November, Venus will be in gracious, relationship-oriented Libra. Make any lasting commitments now.

If you connected with someone promising earlier in the year, you could really grow that romantic association now. It's worth it to take your time.