Sagittarius Money & Career Horoscope

Business prospects and money may come and go, Sagittarius, but your enthusiasm and drive will turn every situation into an opportunity.

Every year has its ups and downs, but more than ever there will only be ups for you in 2018. The first Mercury retrograde in Aries happens in late March and early April. Have a bit more patience and self-control then.

While Jupiter is retrograde in March through early July, spending may lessen and it will be easier to save.

Saturn is retrograde from the middle of April until early September. If opportunities to ask for that promotion or boost your cash flow seem to come less often, that isn't always bad. It's also a time to think twice. Why set yourself up for a needed recovery from an impulsive decision, however optimistic?

Show off your organizational and leadership skills in November and December, and make friends doing so. End the year financially strong.

Personalized Career Horoscope

Personalized Career Horoscope

This career report takes a deep dive into your talents, ambitions, and motivations based on your Birth Chart!