Libra Couples Horoscope

In 2018, love is strong, serious, and sensual, Libra. Your partner may look to you to make more advances, but you can handle that. There will be plenty of time for playfulness, too.

Venus is a very strong influence in 2018, but she is not in the mood for much silliness. January and February may be months when both of you love your work and want to share that enthusiasm. Go for it.

When Mars is retrograde in late June through August, Venus is in Leo and Virgo. Have more one-on-one fun in June and July. Get cozier and more domestically happy in August.

When the sun enters Libra, Venus is in sexy Scorpio. Say what you mean, do what you say, and get closer and closer.

The Venus retrograde starts in early October in Scorpio and ends in the middle of November in Libra. This can intensify relationship issues. Hold off on any major joint purchases or travel plans until you know for sure that you're on the same page.