Libra Money & Career Horoscope

Business, career, and finances look strong and vibrant this year, Libra. There may be a few times, mostly in late March or April, when a partner's or co-worker's misjudgment creates a small setback or confusion. You have plenty of skills to deal with such things, however.

A sun-Mercury conjunction in September will keep you quick-witted and creative all year long.

If a number of prospective partners or associates approach you with business offers this year, exercise more caution than usual. They may be valid suggestions but more for the long-term than the short-term.

Handle finances with care and there will be fewer surprises, if any, to slow down your cash flow. Uranus is transitioning from Aries into Taurus, to be in Taurus from the middle of May through early November. Watch for money ups and downs then.

Jupiter is retrograde from March until early July. It's easier then to spend less and save more.

Personalized Career Horoscope

Personalized Career Horoscope

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