Libra Singles Horoscope

Love is looking for you in 2018, Libra, so you can afford to be picky. Trust your instincts, as usual, but first impressions could yield unexpected consequences.

A trine between the sun and Mars after the sun enters Libra will make Mars more of a friend to you this year. Passionate, forthright romantic prospects will come your way. Take your time and choose to suit yourself. Also, a square between the sun and Saturn should slow down reaction times and help you to be more discriminating.

March could be an exciting time when you meet someone who shares your fondest dreams. You might well decide that despite some minor friction, this person is worth it. Your call.

The Venus retrograde in October and the first half of November will also provide a pause if your social life or a certain budding relationship is starting to grow too quickly.

November and December should be warm, stable times when romance is as comforting as it is sizzling.