Cancer Singles Horoscope

There is scant romantic downtime for you, Cancer. When the sun enters Cancer, the moon is intimately involved and forming aspects with Saturn, Pluto, Mars, Neptune, Mercury, and Venus.

In January, don't overlook an advance made at work. If so, be discreet. Workplace romances are risky, but sometimes they lead to long-term relationships.

Get out more in February and put your intentions out there. You might attract someone who comes on much too strong. If that happens, you know how to push back.

Romance glitters and glows in March when Neptune casts its glamour over your heart. The illusion of a soul mate may appear, but don't trust it.

Smooth talkers and brilliant minds could come looking for you in July and especially August. You may not feel more attractive then, but you are.

The Venus retrograde of October and November may give you a bit of a rest. If you're entertaining serious dreams of a formal, permanent commitment, it's wise to wait until after the middle of November.