Cancer Couples Horoscope

When the sun enters Cancer, there is a grand water trine. The year 2018 is very much driven by emotions, and couples will feel it every day.

It should be easy to hold the most difficult discussion, especially in January and early February. In June and July, you could be impressed with one another's cleverness and resourcefulness. A lingering problem or conflict could be easily resolved now.

Be strongly attracted to one another in August. There may be a karmic feeling to the charm that you exert on each other now.

Deep, sensuous feelings arise in October. Jupiter is in emotional powerhouse Scorpio and has slowly emerged from its summer retrograde. Generous and overly generous sentiments could complicate your joint social and financial life.

Venus is retrograde in October and November. The middle of November could be beneficial as Venus in alliance-forming Libra encourages teamwork and partnerships of all sorts.