Aquarius Singles Horoscope

Love and social life are highlighted all year, Aquarius, but most strongly in the first four months. Meet many new people and be impressed by several of them. Concentrate on having a good time and on sounding out possible dreams and ideals. Take things seriously later on.

In January, you may encounter admirers who take you more seriously than you'd like. You can manage that. The lunar eclipse at the end of January could reveal that you are more accessible than you feel you are.

March might be frustrating at times with too many people who are too unrealistic for your tastes. Spend time with those who please you more.

A solar eclipse in the middle of July and another in early August might leave some people unsettled and in search of emotional comfort. You could meet a modest individual who later proves to be worth the effort.

November is a passionate month. December is the time to connect with a practical, responsible type.