Aquarius Couples Horoscope

Couples have an especially harmonious 2018, Aquarius. Throughout January, the sun and Venus are effectively in conjunction all month long. The year 2018 is full of charm, pleasantness, and random acts of kindness.

A lunar eclipse on January 31 could leave you feeling vulnerable. Support one another.

February becomes more emotional. You may open up to one another's dreams now. Listen with an open heart and avoid any hard feelings.

April and May are passionate times when you may not be quite on the same page. Tolerance will help. Remember, Mercury is retrograde in Aries. Priorities and desires may not match up well until after the middle of April.

A lunar eclipse in late July could raise questions as to how much fun someplace or something really is. You'll work it out.

October, November, and December are times to get more serious about one another. The Venus retrograde ends in the middle of November, in Libra. The most binding of promises might be made now.