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I'm Alexandra Roxo, your Sex Goddess!

Some of my favorite things are dark chocolate, dancing, swimming naked, speaking up, and making out. I help women reclaim their juicy sexy radiance and channel that into living and loving with a belly full of fire, a heart full of love, and a voice full of power. As a writer, filmmaker, mentor, speaker, and creator, I explore themes of female sexuality, spirituality, and womanhood.

You can see me act in the web show, Be Here Nowish and read my work in Vice and other publications. Together with your Style Goddess, Ruby Warrington, I'm the co-founder of Moon Club, a monthly ritual and transformational group based on the moon cycles. I also work with clients as a mentor and coach in Los Angeles and on Skype. I believe that we can reclaim our sexual power and use it to heal the planet.

My Sign Pisces sun, Gemini rising

My Spirit Animal Hummingbird by day, snake by night.

My mantra Love

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