Scorpio Birthday Horoscope

An intensely private sign, Scorpios appreciate a small and well curated guest list. This is not the sign to plan a surprise party for. A natural beacon of magnetism, you don't need too many people around to feel appreciated and stimulated, as long as they're your inner circle and people with whom you can really connect. Keep the night intimate, share ideas and the sparks will fly in all the right ways.

Scorpios love spice and cuisines like Indian, Korean, or Mexican are menu must-haves. The hotter the better! Afterwards, check out a local dive or specialty bar, preferably with a strange, ornate or evocative theme. Scorpios feel right at home in elaborate settings.

Scorpios also love depth and transformation, things that appeal to your sense of internal adventure. Check out a midnight movie, preferably something sultry or an art or cult film.

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