Scorpio Birthday Horoscope

Scorpios are commonly misidentified as fire signs due to their passion and intensity but the Scorpion is actually ruled by the element of water, along with Pisces and Cancer. Appeal to that sense of heat with a trip to the sauna to sweat away any anxiety or frustration. A Finnish style wood burning sauna is peak Scorpio but wherever you can do to build up a sweat will do nicely.

If you're lucky enough to have hot springs in your area, this is the day to try them out. A hot yoga class is also a great way to harness that Scorpio energy into a more mellow vibe.

A notoriously sexual sign (one of Scorpio's ruling planets is Mars, the planet of sex and aggression), Scorpios would also enjoy indulging in a pole dancing class. Rev up your sensuality and build up your energy and strength all at once. And while Scorpios tend to be reserved when it comes to the spotlight, appealing to your natural seductress will show you how powerful you can be. To elevate the experience, treat yourself to new lingerie or something for the bedroom, musk-based perfumes or a nice bottle of champagne. You know you're worth it.

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