Scorpio Birthday Horoscope

Tagine. This terracotta tagine, made in France, is a must for cooking romantic, Scorpian dreamt-up meals.

Incense Holder. Nothing sets the mood quite like incense. This sweet lotus holder will make even the most cynical Scorpio smile.

Healing Crystal Collection. Scorpios like to get deep into energy work, and these healing crystals can help you find a sense of balance when things get tough. This set comes with stones like Clear Quartz, Amethyst, and Aventurine, not to mention a bonus aromatherapy set.

Travel Journal. This fire sign may run hot, but they like to look inwards and take lots of time to reflect. This travel journal will help that journey.

Book of Curiosities. No other sign in the zodiac has as deep of an appreciation for the dark side as Scorpio. This book of wonders and oddities is sure to peak your interest.

Candle. Light their fire with this soy based candle, designed to soothe the atmosphere surrounding you (in black, no less—a classic Scorpio color).

Necklace. This chic Scorpion pays homage to your sign without being too over the top— a perfect mix of glam and subtlety.

Water Bottle. The super insulated shell keeps things inside (just like a Scorpio, but you don't need us to tell them that).

Moon Phases Artwork. Our moods are seriously affected by the phases of the moon. Helping your sensitive side track the movement of la luna will be a found comfort.

Body Oil Set. It's not secret that sensual Scorpios know how to get physical. Treat yourself to some luxurious body oil packed with soothing cocoa butter, we know you'll put it to good use.

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